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Our Diadorafootwear and clothing edit combines Italian style with cutting-edge fabric technology - giving you the winning edge whether it's with your sports performance or your fashion flair.

Channel the Diadora "make it bright" philosophy

Diadora has been crafting shoes in Italy since 1948, starting with mountain boots. These evolved into a full range of sports footwear loved by professionals and amateurs alike. Diadora was one of the first to spot the potential for sportswear as casual wear, tapping into this lifestyle moment with its catwalk designs of the 1980s. Diadora men's shoes give you the label's "make it bright" philosophy with trainers in bold shades reflecting the autumn palette of deep burgundies and russets, as well as ever popular neon colours. They make the perfect weekend athleisurewear partnerships with Diadora slogan tees and hoodies layered with stylish tracksuit bottoms.

Dare to be you in Diadora shoes

Diadora women's trainers are an eye-catching blend of classic neutrals with a trending palette of deep colours. Colourful designs make a centre point for weekend wear while the contrasting textures on box white trainers balance the severity of tailored workwear. We're all into making our clothes work harder through the year so take your favourite summer dresses into autumn by styling over leggings and finishing with chunky knitwear and Diadora trainers in pretty shades.

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