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Nike Air Force trainers give you a boost

Today Nike's 'Air' technology is used in many of their most popular and most iconic shoes, but it all began with the Nike Air Force 1s back in 1982. Today updated versions of Nike Air Force trainers are worn all over the world and they're a timeless look that's always in style.

Nike Air technology is made by putting pressurised air into durable and flexible bags that make up the sole of the shoe. It creates plenty of spring and flexibility, while still being sturdy and reliable. It gives you lift when you jump and absorbs shock when you land. The cushioning adjusts to extra pressure and returns to its original shape.

Most Nike Air Force 1s use a cupsole design. This means the outsole comes up over the upper and hugs the sides of the shoe. This provides a more durable finish and extra protection around the sides, heel and toe of the shoe. Cupsoles are also flexible and lightweight, so you can move freely.

Get first-class comfort and quality with Nike Air Force 1 shoes

One of the main reasons Nike's Air Force 1 line of shoes is so popular is the first-class comfort they provide. Extra cushioning around the heel and toe helps to prevent blisters so you can comfortably wear them all day long. This makes them a popular choice for travellers who want to see all the sights. Most shoes are available in half sizes, which means you can find a more precise fit.

This emphasis on comfort extends to every part of the shoe. Foam midsoles keep Air Forces cushioned and grooved outsoles help them stay flexible. Padding around the collar on low-top shoes provides extra comfort around the ankle. It might be the style of Nike's Air Force trainers that draws people in, but it's the feeling that keeps people coming back.

Nike Air Force 1 shoes aren't just comfortable, they're a comfort you can rely on again and again. Nike uses first-class construction techniques and high-quality materials to create long-lasting shoes. Most Nike Air Force shoes are made with durable leather uppers and breathable synthetic linings.

Air Force 1s for everyone

Nike has Air Force trainers in men's, women's and kids' sizes. Many parents trust Air Force 1s to get their kids through the school day. They come in solid black or white options that are more likely to comply with stricter school dress codes.

Under the Nike Air Force 1 line, you'll find a range of different styles, fits and technologies. Most shoes use a white base and add a pop of colour to the iconic 'swoosh' logo. The original Air Force 1 design featured a high-top shoe with a hook-and-loop strap at the ankle. You can still find this silhouette today along with low and-mid top styles.

Nike Air Force trainers are a versatile wardrobe item. Whether you're wearing jeans and a T-shirt, workout gear or a summer dress, these trainers are a great all-rounder. Of course, Nike Air Force 1s are also great for the basketball court. Their Air technology is perfect for slam dunks and sprinting along the court.