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Classic day and night wearability with all-season men’s hoodies

If you ask any modern man these days what his favourite feel-good street garment is, no doubt he will jump to the men’s hoodies in his wardrobe. With a youthful and stylish edge that sits snugly in that sweet spot between functional and trend-focused, men’s hoodies have stood out as a go-to garment for decades since they started gaining popularity back in the Seventies. Originally designed as workman’s wear way back in the 1930s, it took a while for the concept of a hooded tracksuit top to break the boundaries into the world of fashion and by only the 1990s had sport athletes and youth-driven fashion labels taken the hooded top to new heights with its rebranding as a ‘hoodie’. Since then nothing has been able to stop this multi-functional piece of clothing from exploding into the world of casual wear, making it part of a capsule wardrobe for most modern men.

Hoodies for men stand out as that item that is most turned to when you are popping to the gym, enjoying a day-to-night casual event or lounging around the house. Cosy in their warmth, flexible in their freedom of movement and convenient in their design, they are a default item in this modern age. Whether you turn to your hoodie only for the gym or hike trail or like to take it into trendy environments too, the hoodies’ growing popularity has seen every high-end fashion house now manufacturing this essential garment. As much as skaters and surfers originally broke boundaries with hoodies, more celebrities than ever before are now incorporating streetwear and activewear into their daily looks, making premium labels back the hoodie all the way – even so far as the runway when worn right.

A top quality hoodie for every men in every style, for every occasion

A decent hoodie for men knows no bounds when it comes to design. Originally based off a simple tracksuit top with a hood attached, variants now include some embellishments that make not just for aesthetic improvements, but add convenience too. Pick a hoodie with a front zip and side pockets for quick warmth layering, or grab an over-sized pull-over with a large kangaroo pouch and draw strip hood. The loosely-fitting cowl-neck hoodie dominates as a high-end fashion statement when worn with military pants and boots and sports hoodies throw a nod to your favourite athlete or sports brand through both branding and performance embellishments. Whether you want to remain classically cool or explode with colour in a stand-out graphic piece, there is a men’s hoodie calling your name.

Exercise lovers have always known the value of a hoodie when stepping into a training environment. Whether part of a sweating process in the boxing ring, protection from the elements during a run in the rain or just used as a cool-down garment during post-workout stretches, your hoodie will be your ally as an athlete. Pick from a wide selection of top sporting names and rest assured you are backed by true functionality in your performance gear as well as your style. Hoodies made from polyester, cotton blends and fleece give you that extra durability for long-use wear and if your sporting passions take you to colder climes, you can find fleece cuts to snowboard or ski in with confidence.

Men’s hoodies as a statement fashion piece

When it’s time to kickstart the daily looks in your wardrobe, stay with your trusted hoodie to elevate that street swag with an effortless appeal that says confidence, cool, and casual all in one. Simply classic with subdued tones or bright pops of colour with logos and graphics – the choice is yours as to what statement you want to make. Represent with top labels that take you to all the right places, worn with anything from drop-crotch jeans, Chinos, or even tailored shorts. If you need to show up looking your best, punch even higher in the fashion stakes with men’s hoodies from designer brands that effortlessly give you confidence to keep it casual with that sophisticated and understated swag. Whatever your age, budget, hobbies or lifestyle, this immensely comprehensive collection of hoodies awaits you for year-round comfort, versatility and durability.