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Create your own adventures with The North Face

Set yourself apart from the rest with The North Face range on Zalando. A renowned American recreational brand, you can choose from a range of great products to spruce up your adventure wardrobe. Founded in 1968 as a climbing equipment store, The North Face has gone on to become a brand synonymous with all things outdoors. Evolving into an iconic high-street fashion label, it’s become a staple of casual wear for teenagers and adults across the world.

No matter if you’re need an item for your next trip into the great outdoors, or if you’re looking for a casual fashion piece to add to your collection, there’s something for everyone. Stay warm with an insulated jacket, which ensures your body temperature remains warm. Beat the chill with a beanie or pair of gloves, so that you don’t lose heat from parts of your body that are known to emit warmth. Or prepare to head up the mountain or to the gym with a durable duffel bag that will last the distance. Find your item with the range on Zalando website and set out in style.

North Face clothing made to last

Using a variety of top-quality materials, The North Face clothing has ensured that its clothing has gained a reputation as one of the leading adventure brands. Fleece fabrics offers insulation to your body, so no matter how cold it gets you’ll stay warm inside. Cotton is a naturally breathable material meaning you won’t overheat, even if you're pushing yourself to the maximum. Whilst imitation leather keeps its look for longer, being impervious to cracks, fading and stains.

Comfort is also paramount in all The North Face designs, so you will know that quality hasn’t been compromised on. Wool is another breathable material that promotes air flow so you don’t overheat. Sweat fabrics enhance your comfort by absorbing moisture, so you stay dry for the duration. Whereas polyester is a quick-drying material, so if the heavens open your clothes won’t remain wet for long.

Clothing that is suited to adventurers young and old

With The North Face collection being suitable for men and women of all ages, it’s the perfect brand for all the family. Coming in a range of sizes for kids, you’ll be able to take your whole tribe out on the next big adventure. North Face doesn’t just connect you with the outdoors, it connects you with your loved ones.

Pick from a selection of extra touches that are available across the range, which are sure to make your family love each and every item. Zip pockets on coats provide you with somewhere to store your valuables. Spacious compartments in the bags offer various areas for you to keep your gear. Whereas elastic fastening on gloves stops cold air reaching your hands.

Find The North Face items to complement your wardrobe

Make sure all eyes are on you wherever you go and find an item that complements your look. Pick from a range of patterns and colours in the collection, so you can match your item to the rest of your wardrobe with ease. An animal print pattern helps you show your wild side, camouflage is perfect for when you’re in the wilderness, whilst floral is perfect for brightening up any outfit.

No matter if you need a North Face item of clothing or an accessory, there’s something for all fashionistas. With the fashion line suited to every season, you can find an item that’s ideal for either summer or winter. A fleece jacket is the perfect companion during the winter months, whilst a vest is great for when you want to explore during the heat of the summer. Whatever the weather, you’ll find a North Face item on Zalando for your next trip out.