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JANEY MAE - Casual lace-ups - navy WITCOMBE SKY GTX - Boots - zwart TRIGENIC FLEX - Trainers - black NEENAH GARDEN - Ballet pumps - noir WEAVER - Casual lace-ups - slate blue MAY PEARL OASIS - Boots - dark tan KENSETT DARLA - Ankle boots - zwart Trainers - blanc VENDRA BLOOM - Wedges - grey WEAVER - Casual lace-ups - peat AMBERLEE ROSIE - Ankle boots - black TRACE FARN - Ankle boots - dark brown DRAFTY HAZE - Platform boots - daim noir VENDRA BLOOM - Wedges - black TRACE FARN - Ankle boots - black MAY PEARL OASIS - Boots - black TRIGENIC DRY GTX - Casual lace-ups - tan CHESHUNT GTX - Boots - black DRAFTY DAY - Boots - daim brun WITCOMBE FLOW - Lace-up boots - sand CABRINI BAY - Winter boots - noir TRIGENIC FLEX - Trainers - burgundy WALLABEE - Casual lace-ups - burgundy KENSETT DAPHNE - Boots - noir TAYLOR SHINE - Ankle boots - brun DINAH KEER - High heels - black TRIGENIC FLEX - Trainers - peat GLICK DARBY - Lace-ups - silver CLARKDALE GOBI - Boots - olive WEAVER - Casual lace-ups - rouge framboise DOXBURY WIESE GTX - Cowboy/Biker boots - black GLICK ASHA GTX - Ankle boots - noir MAY PEARL DASY - Ankle boots - black ORINOCO SPICE - Lace-up boots - black TRACE RISE - Lace-up boots - black KELDA NIGHTS - Ankle boots - bleu marine ORINOCO CLUB - Boots - burgunder WALLABEE - Casual lace-ups - érable WALLABEE - Casual lace-ups - black/natural TAYLOR SHINE - Ankle boots - dark blue NORSEN MID - High-top trainers - dark navy CHORUS BOMBAY - Classic heels - black WALLABEE - Casual lace-ups - light brown GILMAN LACE - Smart lace-ups - dark tan WALLABEE - Casual lace-ups - dark ochre WITCOMBE ROCK - Ankle boots - dark tan KELDA NIGHTS - Ankle boots - daim noir DESERT - Casual lace-ups - brown CHORUS CAROL - Platform heels - black ARISTA ABE - Classic heels - black MAY PEARL NALA - Ankle boots - burgundy TRIGENIC FLEX - Trainers - daim noir CLARKDALE GOBI - Boots - dark brown Ankle boots - black MONTACUTE WING - Lace-ups - black DESERT - Casual lace-ups - black WALLABEE - Casual lace-ups - black DRAFTY DAY - Boots - daim noir WEAVER - Platform boots - gris ardoise DESERT - Casual lace-ups - indigo

It all started with a pair of sheepskin slippers, and yet today, Clarks is one of the biggest footwear companies in the world. Giving us lessons in classic, timeless style, Clarks have walked their way through fashion movements, continuously offering their own brand of comfort and style to anyone that wears them.

Classic Clarks

Although many of us remember being measured for our first pair, Clarks shoes have wide appeal. Men's brogues and leather lace ups are the go-to design for suits, chinos and smart denim, while women's mary janes and court shoes are ideal for the office. Clarks men's sporty lace ups will become your new favourite for casual days, while Clarks women's classic ankle boots are a staple to wear with jeans, tights and trousers. Match a pair with a pencil skirt for a stylish twist on office wear.

Take comfort in the Clarks style

Clarks are famed for their comfort, but this needn't spell the end of style. Ballet flats and lace ups are every woman's secret to off-duty comfy chic, while a masculine pair of brogues offer an alternative and current look when worn with paperbag waist trousers. Reinvent the dress code by finishing a suit with a pair of Clarks men's lace-up boots, or team some desert boots with turn up jeans for a mod inspired outfit. You can even ensure your little one's feet are cosy in a pair of Clarks shoes. From furry winter boots and trainers to pumps and sandals, they are guaranteed to keep kid's feet happy.

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