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Hoodies for a world of versatility and comfort

Never before has an item of clothing been as versatile and functional as the much-beloved hoodie. Essentially a tracksuit top that’s got a hooded feature for the sake of warmth, only around the ‘70s did we see the hoodie become a common fashion item in popular culture. Around the ‘90s the ‘hoodie’ as a slang term for hooded tops really took off and the category of clothing became infamous for sporty versatility, cosy coolness and streetwear swag, with skaters, surfers and teenagers behind much of its popular rise to fame.

These days very few people can say they don’t have a favourite hoodie. As versatile in design as they are in function, the top has seen brands from sport lines to high-end designers contribute variations to their fashion catalogues. A good hoodie can be anything from a pull-over with a draw-string hooded mechanism, a zip up with side pockets or a large kangaroo pouched cowl-neck hooded top – all offering equal measures of comfort, coverage, and coolness.

Hoodies for sport to maximise performance, no matter the weather

Athletes and sports fanatics understand the importance of having a good few hoodies in their workout gear wardrobe. Whether you like to get in your miles on the treadmill, feel the burn in the cross training box or work on your form in a martial arts class, your hoodie will perform before, during or after – depending on how you wear it. Stay warm on the way to gym and slip it back on after a workout for that cool-down stretch, or simply keep it on and sweat it out in the dance studio or elliptical. With sporting brands being one of the most dedicated hoodie producers globally, you can pick your favourite style and size from the brand you’re committed to and be guaranteed that you will find the right one for your sport.

Fashion-forward lovers of cosiness can step into a whole world of comfort and leave the house feeling chic and on point now that high-fashion houses are participating in active wear creation on a more committed level. With celebrities making activewear acceptable as a social look, more and more we are seeing hoodies matched with shape-enhancing leggings, jeans, or shorts as a relaxed way to present in public – bringing comfort back into a trendy spotlight. Even catwalks have seen hoodies and sweats make bold appearances of late as activewear emerges as a contender for attention. Look for hoodies by top names and be confident that casual threads work for your image and watch your numbers on the ‘gram prove it.

Polished hoodies with graphic colours

When your sporting or fashion wardrobe needs a kickstart for a new season, look to the trusty hoodie as your staple and build outfits based on the bold new colour palettes and graphics that are emerging in newer hoodie designs. High-energy urban looks are complemented on summer days with a hoodie tied around your waist or shoulders and winter welcomes hoodies produced with the finest cottons, fleeces, and polyester weaves. With a wide range of men’s, women’s, and unisex hoodies available, you can enjoy the gender-flexibility that comes from such a versatile garment and dress for your mood every time. Ladies, look for hoodies designed in crop top fashion for that extra freedom of movement and be sure to have a few over-sized favourites for long days on the couch and series-binging rainy days. Guys, you know your hoodie will be the most stolen item by your girlfriend, so get stocked up on the most convenient way to live in comfort and let your love of authentic living be your guide to good hoodie shopping.