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Sunglasses - black/gold metal/smoke Sunglasses - brown/nude Sunglasses - pink Sunglasses - black NEW WAYFARER - Sunglasses - blue Sunglasses - black Sunglasses - gold-coloured Sunglasses - silver-coloured Sunglasses - gold-coloured Sunglasses - black Sunglasses - avana/brown Sunglasses - blue Sunglasses - havana Sunglasses - bordeaux Sunglasses - havana Sunglasses - grey Sunglasses - black Sunglasses - brown Sunglasses - green/silver-coloured Sunglasses - black Sunglasses - darkbrown Sunglasses - brown CORA - Sunglasses - brown Sunglasses - black Sunglasses - dark brown CALIENTE - Sunglasses - matte mocha/gold-coloured ERIKA - Sunglasses - braun Sunglasses - dark brown Sunglasses - gunmetal Sunglasses - black JACKIE OHH II - Sunglasses - black Sunglasses - black Sunglasses - brown ZEPHYR - Sunglasses - gold-coloured CLUBMASTER - Sunglasses - brown/black Sunglasses - brown Sunglasses - rose gold Sunglasses - black CLUBMASTER - Sunglasses - braun/goldfarben Sunglasses - tortoise SWIZZLE (LE TOUGH) - Sunglasses - matte tortoise BANDWAGON - Sunglasses - matte stone Sunglasses - black Sunglasses - black NEW WAYFARER - Sunglasses - braun ORIGINAL WAYFARER - Sunglasses - schwarz Sunglasses - cosmetic pink THE PRINCE - Sunglasses - silver-coloured Sunglasses - black LULU - Sunglasses - rose quartz NO SMIRKING - Sunglasses - ice blue Sunglasses - havana LULU - Sunglasses - multicoloured AVIATOR - Sunglasses - braun/goldfarben Sunglasses - black THE PRINCE - Sunglasses - gold-coloured Sunglasses - cobalt Sunglasses - brown Sunglasses - black Sunglasses - rose gold

Elegant, classic and ultra-chic, women's sunglasses are a summer staple and a great way to give your look that unique edge.

Give your accessories a fresh twist with women's sunglasses

Aside from being functional and a great way to disguise tired eyes, women's sunglasses are a style statement all on their own. We can't get enough of the iconic appeal of cat eye sunglasses, the a-lister glam of aviators or the hipster edge of clubmaster designs with chunky frames. Sunglasses for women are the perfect way to accent sun dresses or give a simple jeans and tee combo that polished finish.

Complete the look in chic style with women's sunglasses

Experiment with new takes on women's sunglasses through shape, colour, detail and tint. Choose a pair of women's sunnies featuring a bold animal or tropical print for an exotic approach to trend, or go for a luxury feel with a metallic pair of ladies' sunglasses from a premium designer. Compliment oversized beach bags with gold or silver-rimmed women's sunglasses for a classic and sophisticated finish.

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