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TEPPHAR - Slim fit jeans - 084jv DISCOVER - Across body bag - blau S-KBY - Trainers - schwarz/grau GRACEY - Slim fit jeans - 0680t HIRESH - Wallet - brown SLEENKER 0685T - Slim fit jeans - 0685t B-LABB - BELT - Belt - braun SWILLOT-A SCARF - Scarf - anthrazit ZATINY - Bootcut jeans - 88Z ZATINY KW - Bootcut jeans - blue denim G-ABSOL-G - Bomber Jacket - 0pamt DISCOVER-UZ" F-DISCOVER MESSENGER - Across body bag - blau Necklace - silber D-STRING PLUS - High-top trainers - grau/blau ZATINY - Bootcut jeans - 084jk B-REACTIVE - Belt - braun B-PROFILES - Belt - grau BMBX-SANDY-REV 2.017 - Swimming shorts - green DZ1437 - Watch - schwarz SLEENKER - Slim fit jeans - 084ju BELTHER - Slim fit jeans - 084ie DISCOVER DISCOVER - Rucksack - blau SKINZEE-LOW-S - Slim fit jeans - 0684d S-FURYY - Trainers - schwarz RASP - Watch - dunkelbraun SLEENKER - Slim fit jeans - 0683m GRACEY - Slim fit jeans - 0686c SLANDY - Slim fit jeans - dark-blue denim SLEENKER - Slim fit jeans - 084hd SCHEESE SCARF - Scarf - blau UMLT-WILLY SWEAT-SHIRT - Pyjama top - 900 SCUBA BACK - Rucksack - schwarz STEVEE SCARF - Scarf - blau UMLT-WILLY SWEAT-SHIRT - Pyjama top - oliv BAKARI-NE JOGGJEANS - Trousers - 0684t EXPOSURE I - High-top trainers - denim blau SAVI FELPA - Sweatshirt - denim T-SAV - Print T-shirt - 0wady DISCOVER DISCOVER - Rucksack - schwarz KROOLEY-NE JOGGJEANS - Slim fit jeans - 003w2 NARROT - Jeans Tapered Fit - 084is STACKABLES - Bracelet - grau/schwarz T-SILY-A - Print T-shirt - 0sanx T-EDWARD T-SHIRT - Print T-shirt - 900 S-AARROW - Trainers - blau/rot EXPOSURE LOW I - Trainers - schwarz Bracelet - black UMBR-ANDRY UNDERPANTS - Briefs - grey Chronograph watch - schwarz D-VELOWS D-STRING LOW W - Trainers - silber CORTTRV - SNEAKERS - Trainers - oliv TEPPHAR - Slim fit jeans - 084gi B-PROFILES - Belt - cognac CINDI HAT - Cap - blue SLANDY - Slim fit jeans - 0683v STACKED - Bracelet - silver-coloured TEPPHAR - Slim fit jeans - 084hp L-DREAD JACKET - Bomber Jacket - 900 MAGNETE EXPOSURE IV LOW W - Trainers - indigo DISCOVER - Across body bag - schwarz

Innovative and fresh, Diesel is an Italian brand with a passion for unique denim. Combining strong silhouettes with unique engineering, each piece reinvents classic design, looking at the world in a different way.

Explore your personal style with Diesel

Founded in 1978 by designer Renzo Rosso, Diesel has always been ahead of its time. It all began with a humble pair of jeans, experimenting with colours and cuts to reinvent them for a new generation. Choose a pair of distressed trousers when kicking back at the weekend, teaming them with a printed t-shirt and men's skate shoes. Alternatively, opt for a leather messenger bag or laptop bag on your morning commute, adding a touch of definition when worn over a zip up jacket. The sleek designs of Diesel's men's wallets and women's purses are incredibly versatile, allowing you to easily take them from day to night.

Embrace pure design with Diesel wardrobe essentials

Choose to infuse your wardrobe with Diesel design details, transforming even the most basic of items. A layered woollen jumper plays with a balance of texture and colour, making a bold style statement when paired with a pair of tailored women's trousers. If you're looking for practical staples to carry you through the week, choose an oversized backpack, layering it over a men's parka during the cooler months - changing into a printed t-shirt and jeans when the weather gets warmer.

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Stylish casual streetwear from Diesel clothing

Today Diesel is one of the best known and popular jeans brands in the world. Diesel clothing is sold in over 80 countries and their marketing campaigns have become famous for their tongue in cheek parody of typical fashion advertising. Diesel was founded in 1978 in the Veneto region of Italy by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied of AG Jeans. Diesel clothing was designed to be different from the typical fashion industry trends and was intended to appeal to one global audience, ignoring national boundaries. Wilbert Das joined the company as its creative director in 1988 and the brand began to grow quickly. In 1991 it began to advertise internationally and in 1996 it opened a flagship store in New York City. Although initially a jeans brand, the company has expanded into many different markets, offering a full range of women's clothing along with the Diesel men's clothing collection and a new children's range. Check out the superb array of Diesel men's t-shirts and enjoy excellent quality and eye-catching style.

Diesel Video "Behind the scenes" 2013 Summer Collection"

Rugged casual designer apparel from Diesel clothing

Diesel men's jeans have rapidly become fashion classics and both the male and female ranges have expanded to offer a complete casual wardrobe. In addition to those great jeans you will find a host of tops, trousers, jackets and underwear. Each piece of Diesel clothing still bears the hallmark of Renzo Rosso's sense of fun, challenging traditions and creating pieces that are distinctively stylish. The Diesel brand continues to challenge practices and push boundaries in marketing, with the 'Be Stupid' campaign, for example, highlighting the company's alternative approach. This determination to be different attracts a certain type of customer, one who is not afraid to create their own look and is comfortable defying the norm. The brand is not just about clever marketing techniques, however. Behind the quirky advertising is a range of Diesel clothing and Diesel women's accessories that is well made and always on-trend, despite being so rebellious.