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We've long been familiar with the power of accessories, but the latest designs have opened up a whole new world of possibilities where those finishing touches can become a style statement all on their own.

Let the details do the talking with the right accessories

Sometimes it's all in the details. Whether you've gotten your hands on an incredible dress, a flattering top or that perfectly-fitting pair of jeans, it's how we wear it that makes it unique. From showstopping bags and costume jewellery to oversized scarves, waist-cinching belts and fabulous footwear, accessories are the key to truly individualising a look. Pairing a floral summer dress with a pair of leather boots or juxtaposing a casual t-shirt with a gem-encrusted necklace speaks volumes in terms of expressing personal style through an accessory.

Shine, contrast or bring it all together with the latest accessories

Whether you like to keep your clothing simple to show off jewellery, or stick to basic separates to let your favourite hat take centre stage, rules of coordination have gone out the window in favour of clashing trends when it comes to accessories. Think contrasting colours, mixing prints and blending diverse looks, particularly from different decades, genres and influences. Alternatively, classic cohesion and the addition of a well-placed earring, neutral clutch or elegant silk scarf will always be a timeless choice.

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