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Oh the handbag. Many a woman's weakness, the subject of endless desires and yet one of the most functional fashion items you might ever own. We've got the latest styles in the bag, so head this way for handbags galore.

Everyday handbags

We've all wished for the legendary Mary Poppins bottomless bag, but with bucket bags, totes, rucksacks and shoppers, there are plenty of everyday handbags that can be filled to the brim with your every necessity - and a bit extra. An oversized tote bag is an ideal casual carryall, choose a basic black to ensure it matches every outfit, or go for chic camel or brown tones for an elegant alternative. Rucksacks are the streetwear favourite of the moment, perfect with dungarees or mom jeans and a cropped tee. Look to pastel coloured handbags to continue the 90s grunge theme, or go luxe with metallics and animal skins.

Extra special handbags

You can make or break even the most meticulously planned evening outfit with a handbag, so choose wisely when it comes to that all important pairing. Over the shoulder handbags are perfect for casual dinners and cocktails with the girls, look to floral details for a summery feel, or choose soft muted tones for an elegant pick that'll complement lots of outfits. Fancy evenings call for fancy handbags, so make sure you have a special handbag for your dressy outings. A clutch bag is the sophisticated choice for everything from evening jumpsuits to cocktail gowns. Go for a classic design to match across your wardrobe, or pick out key characteristics if you want to get outfit specific. Suede goes perfectly with 70s ensembles, while patent leather handbags are ideal for 80s glam.

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