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Converse - the cult sneaker for women and men. Converse is a US-American Sports Article supplier based in Massachusetts. In 1908, Converse was founded by Marquis M. Converse, which at first produced shoes suitable for winter under the name Converse Rubber Shoe Company. In 1917 the today world-famous Converse All Star, also called Chuck's, came on the market. To this day, more than 600 million pairs of this shoe have been sold. It stands for sportsmanship, but also trend awareness and independence. At you can also order Converse children's shoes , which are definitely just as stylish as the ones for grown-ups.The All Star 2000 with leather patch, which came on the market in 1996, were also met with a lot of approval from Converse fans and sold over the counter 1 million pairs immediately after launch.

Converse - a true cult brand!

After Converse dissolved its factories in 2001 from the US and relocated its production to China and Indonesia, the company was sold in summer 2003 to Nike. Formerly developed as a basketball shoe, it has now gained popularity especially in the Rock, Punk and Independent Scene through bands like the Ramones. Converse trainers should not miss in anyone's wardrobe, so keep your eyes open to find a great pair of cheap Converse. You can now order Converse in the UK at We offer a large variety of women's trainers and men's trainers by Converse, but there is also a great selection available at Zalando for children with Converse Children's Shoes. Order now with free shipping and with 30 days' free return, either online or via the free Hotline on 0203 059 8139. Converse in the UK - now available at!