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The Converse look is always fashionable

Few sneaker brands have become as iconic as Converse. These shoes have a long track record of street cred that goes back almost a century. Since then, the company has produced a wide variety of new street styles that combine sport and creative culture. The distinctive One-Star logo and simple plimsol-like design rose to prominence in the late 1970s when the characteristic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star model became the de rigueur footwear for edgy bands and switched on music fans alike. This broadened their popularity far beyond their birthplace on the street basketball courts in US inner cities.

Converse has faithfully stuck to its original design to this day – the classic black and white or all-white high tops with their distinctive All-Star logo are still as popular today as ever. They've become a classic fashion symbol and still stand out among the many newer brands and styles on offer. At the same time, Converse isn't a one-trick pony sneaker brand. You can now get a range of different designs, including platform-heeled high tops and high tops created for hiking.

There's a great selection of Converse designs on Zalando which offer a diverse set of colours to match your fashion preferences. If you like the classic low-cut plimsol look, we have plenty of those too. They make an excellent choice as an all-round sneaker that you can comfortably wear with any casual outfit. If you're really into hip fashion, you can also combine them with more formal wear, and even with a suit. In addition, they come in a choice of regular or platform soles.

A great choice of Converse high tops

As you'd expect from a brand that introduced high top sneakers to the world, you can still get the original two-tone design on Zalando – plus a whole lot more! Monochrome black high tops from Converse are also available if you're not partial to the black and white combination. These are all-black shoes, including the soles. Plus, you can also get pure white. The classic high top is also available in other colours so you can coordinate them with your outfit. There are muted shades of grey, blue and beige, for instance.

If the retro look doesn't appeal to you, dive into the selection of more modern designs. You can evoke the 1990s look with Converse platforms and bounce around in chunky high top sneakers. Break the original mould with platform soles that also have exaggerated block heels with a highly visible spiky tread. Or throw away the classic look entirely by getting yourself a pair with ultra-modern angular designs and multi-coloured detailing. All Converse shoes are unisex so this is a completely gender-neutral brand too.

You'll also have a choice of materials – once again, some classic, some updated for modern youthful fans of the brand. The classic canvas textiles are always still available, but now you can also get them in real and imitation leather. Alternatively, choose denim or cotton sneakers. These all have slim-line cold padding for extra comfort, and you'll also find models with extra padding on the inside and outside.

Specialised high top sneakers and Converse clothing

Converse has also brought its famous style to the world of hiking. You can get authentic all-terrain hiking boots that echo the original look, with the addition of modern material technologies and constructions. These have produce rugged, hardy high tops that you can confidently put through some tough conditions. You'll find padded boots made from Nubuck or with GORE-TEX. These have seriously high-grip soles, extra sidewall support for your ankles and more rigid protective upper sole areas. They use sturdy fast-lacing metal rings rather than the usual holes punched into the upper material.

Young children can also step out in iconic Converse style. This range is suitable for kids from toddler age and up. They use exactly the same materials as the adult versions, with the addition of more padding to coddle tender young feet. These have extra thick laces and eye-holes to make them easier for young ones to lace up. They come in classic blacks and whites as well as fun, eye-catching colours.

On Zalando you'll also find other merchandise to show off your support for your favourite sneaker brand. Get yourself a trendy T-shirt or sweatshirt. Or a baseball cap with the All-Star logo. Converse-branded hoodies are also available, along with full hoodie sets for kids. We also have athletic leggings and even ruched jersey dresses. And don't forget to look out for the red discount tags on selected items.