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An iconic and limitless look with men’s leather jackets

From fighter pilots to ‘50s bad boys of the silver screen to iconic Western heroes, there has always been a place for men’s leather jackets in our culture. As an essential look it has continued to hold strong and evolve through the generations, with even the most vintage of styles still holding weight in the fashion world today. Not only the ultimate utility item, the fashion aspects of the leather jacket have built the reputations of men and set ladies’ hearts alight for as long as we have had male figures to admire in popular culture.

Leather jackets have held a highly esteemed place in the world of fashion for over a century. With no signs of that diminishing, very few items have ever had the longevity of leather jackets for men. Even female leather jackets have not reached the same iconic level that their brothers did, and that could have something to do with the utility and heritage of the item. Being forged from a reputation of military soldier, hard-working bad boy or biker is an instant cool factor boost that has worked for generations.

Leather jackets for men – working apparel with a signature sex appeal

When looking for leather jackets for men, there are distinct cuts of jacket to consider. These cuts include the bomber jacket - most famous in brown and throwing a nod to American pilots, the biker jacket, most often found in black and immortalised by ‘50s musicals, motorcycle gangs and even rock bands in the ‘80s and of course, the racer jacket, which brings a more high fashion edge whilst introducing colour variants. Apart from these standard shapes there is the leather trench coat, slim-fit and so many others. Fashion has opened up all possibilities for leather as a material - the way it is expressed, distressed, dyed and presented, making men’s leather jackets now a wide category to find the perfect ally for warmth, utility, and swag.

Designers from reputable fashion houses have all contributed to the men’s leather jacket fray in some capacity and some of the best are presented in this collection. As leather jackets are often an investment in confidence, making sure you have at least one in your wardrobe is essential for all-year use whether wearing it on dates, to events or with the boys.

Men’s leather jackets as an evergreen seasonal item

Whether you favour keeping winter at bay in your leather jacket or using it for the milder months only, there is a leather jacket style to suit you all year round. From lighter cuts that will complement in autumn to chunky jackets with sheepskin embellishments or hoods, let the weather dictate your style when selecting a leather jacket. Suede variants add a new dynamic to traditional leather and present in a classic, understated way. Look for leather in tan, chocolate, camel and black and find your favourite between a wide range of styles. Sustainable leather is also available for eco-minded fashionistas. No matter the time of year or your occasion, every modern man needs the backing of a strong, classic leather jacket in his wardrobe to step out with the confidence that comes from a timeless staple.