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New Balance 327 offers lightweight comfort for everyone

The New Balance 327 was an immediate worldwide success when it was released in 2020. It's now become one of the brand's most influential modern sneakers. Even better, it was proudly designed right here in the UK by Charlotte Lee. She took her inspiration from the archetypal trainers of the 1970s, re-popularising the characteristic low-profile silhouette that was such a beloved look back then.

The 327s share NB's driving ethos that propels all its sportswear. The brand champions everyday people who passionately pursue the sports they love. It doesn't matter if you have your sights set on turning pro or you just enjoy a regular light jog to keep fit, New Balance produces shoes for everyone. This ethos is based on a belief that helping people to reach new fitness heights is one of the best ways to promote healthier societies.

The focused pursuit of sporting excellence through technology doesn't mean that the sport firm ignores style. That's why the brand is constantly searching for new design inspiration, which in this case has produced one of its most popular trainers ever, in the form of the New Balance 327 range.

New Balance 327 trainers combine the best of past models

In creating the New Balance 327 trainers range, the Manchester-based designer chose to combine some of the best features from a number of the brand's previously popular trainers. This includes the 320, 255 and Supercomp models. This is a chunky trainer that you'll instantly recognise by the unique outsole that runs halfway up the heel.

The 327 can boast excellent breathability, thanks to mesh inserts on its combination leather and textile uppers that allow for cooling airflow. Cold padding on the insoles helps to absorb impact as your feet land, particularly if you're running on hard surfaces like tarmac or concrete. At the same time, the high-profile tread provides a very good grip on less-even surfaces.

Your toes are protected by round tips covered by a small portion of the under sole protruding over them. This also helps to give you just a bit more traction as you push off on your next stride. The heel is flat, with a tapering contour towards your inner foot to provide a snug fit, helping prevent slippage that can lead to chafing on long runs.

Style along with sporting substance

Lee has imbued the New Balance 327 range with a distinctive style that is at once nostalgic and ultra-modern. They have a much more aggressive appearance than their predecessors and really look the business when it comes to a dedicated sports trainer.

You can get them in a wonderful variety of colour combinations on Zalando. We have classic monochrome blacks and whites, with contrasting or matching soles – the choice is yours. Or go for pastels if that's more your style ­– there are pinks, fawns and many more. If the louder colours appeal to you more, there are lots of bright reds and yellows.

Another great thing about the 327 is that it's a completely unisex running shoe, so there's no more enviously looking at another gender range and wishing you could wear one of those. These are all gender-free, cut to a neutral fit to suit most feet.