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The eternal charm of Swarovski

Swarovski is synonymous with sparkle and bling. The brand emerged in the rich environment of crystal crafting in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, way back in 1883. It has always been prized for the quality of its raw materials and precision manufacturing.

When you buy its apparel you become part of a truly historic legacy. The company once made jewellery for Queen Victoria. It became globally popular during the "flapper" trend of the 1920s, by producing the now iconic fabric headband adorned with crystals.

During the fashion boom that followed WWII, some of the world's most famous design houses began using Swarovski crystals in their clothing. This was driven by Hollywood, and films that included these crystals on set costumes.

Swarovski jewellery has its own special sparkle

Modern Swarovski jewellery ranges cover everything from delicate bracelets and necklaces to meticulously fashioned earrings and pendants. These are known for the high quality and affordability.

Swarovski accessories are also extremely sought-after. Other decorative apparel can easily dazzle the eyes, but nothing approaches this brand for pedigree and outright quality. The company's secret lies in its ability to produce genuine crystals of unsurpassed purity.

Take the exquisite pearl with a crystal core, for instance. Designed in 2000, this unique creation duplicates the texture, weight and sheen of a natural pearl, set in flawless Swarovski crystals. It's this dedication to craft and detail that distinguishes the brand.

Browse an alluring range of jewellery

If you're looking for that special Swarovski touch in jewellery, you'll be delighted at the selection available on Zalando. You'll find lovely bracelets, for instance, some plain and some with crystal charms.

You can get a vast variety of necklaces here too. These combine crystals with fine metal, and have imaginative pendants in different sizes. They come in your choice of lengths, and we also offer sets with matching earrings.

Individual earrings are small crystal masterpieces. Gold-plated hoops embedded with diamond-like crystal support vividly coloured crystal pendants. Studded crystal flowers are another example.

Fashion accessories that are a cut above

Swarovski fashion accessories are just as appealing. The sheer quality of the crystals elevates everything it adorns. Here you'll find a wide selection of sunglasses and watches, all with the brand's legendary cachet.

Sunglasses are available in a number of different styles like squared or Aviator, and colours from black to metallic. You can have a vintage look or a sporty modern pair. Naturally they all have eye-catching crystal detailing, and are made from tough, durable materials. Their lenses provide very good UV protection.

If you're looking for a watch, we have them too. You can choose from a range of designs and metals. Some have delicate Swarovski crystals on their faces; others have larger crystals on their straps and casings.