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It's always ultra-feminine with Needle & Thread

Since launching onto the scene in 2013, Needle & Thread have been making waves in the industry with their intricate designs and beautifully adorned pieces that cater to every occasion. Whether you're in the market for day dresses, evening dresses, or prom dresses, the Needle & Thread range offers an array of exquisitely crafted pieces sure to make heads turn.

Their commitment to high-quality and timeless products coupled with their aim to contribute towards a more responsible future means leaning towards locally sourced, recycled fabrics woven together in the most flattering of ways.

Needle & Thread was created to fill a gap in the market in the hopes that other women would feel the same, and they did. Designs are original and authentic with a focus on recognisable styles that fit women properly.

Whether it's an embroidered dress, a skirt, or a jacket, each item is a carefully constructed combination of contemporary, timeless and feminine branding brought to you at an affordable and worthy price.

As a brand that specialises in textiles and flattering silhouettes, you're not going to find standard occasion wear but rather elegantly woven pieces created to make you look cute but with the same attention to detail as the less intricate pieces.

Sustainability and Philanthropy

Not only are they dedicated to creating timeless classics, but Needle & Thread are also making a change in the way people do business with their promise to construct a business-wide sustainability framework, focusing on healthy lives and the promotion of well-being. The brand launched a collaboration recently that's designed to use more responsibly sourced materials.

Environmental impact serves as one of the main key focuses for the company and they're working with suppliers improvement schemes including a commitment that includes generating 100% of electricity from a portion of their factory through solar panels and chemical filtration systems that have been incorporated to lessen the effect of harmful chemicals.

Get to wear what you want to wear

Created with the idea of being able to wear the kind of clothing women want to wear, and with a love for everything textile, the brand produces eclectic women's wear with a focus on knitting and embroidery that isn't found in very many places.

With Needle & Brand, the more casual items are elevated into something extravagant and luxurious with artwork engineered to all sizes, with designs geared towards patterns fitting correctly regardless of whether you're a size 6 or a size 12.

Passionate about dressing real women, these designs are created in a way that suit women of all shapes and sizes with consideration for all women in every design.

Drawing inspiration from vintage English markets, creative outlets, colourful flower arrangements, and the English countryside, the clothing brings to life the elements we long for when thinking about feminine beauty and style.

Intricately embroidered, handcrafted occasion wear comes alive in these designs, offering a go-to for women looking for something that makes a statement without looking noticeably selective while still being good value for money.