SLIM FIT - Shirt - blue denim Tie - navy SLIM FIT - Shirt - dark blue denim Tie - navy Tie - schwarz Tie - bordeaux SLIM FIT - Shirt - blue SLIM FIT - Shirt - multi-color Bow tie - silver Tie - blau flower SLIM FIT - Shirt - grün SLIM FIT - Formal shirt - navy SLIM FIT - Formal shirt - white SUPER SLIM FIT - Formal shirt - white Shirt - bunt SLIM FIT - Shirt - navy bleu SLIM FIT - Shirt - green SLIM FIT - Shirt - flanella dark SLIM FIT - Formal shirt - anthra SLIM FIT - Formal shirt - weiß Bow tie - blau SLIM FIT - Shirt - rosa SLIM FIT - Formal shirt - white Bow tie - hellblau Tie - navy Tie - blau/rot flower print SLIM FIT - Shirt - blue Tie - blau/ rot flower Bow tie - red dots Tie - pin dot black Tie - paisley Shirt - white/black Bow tie - black Tie - blau/rosa Tie - white Tie - paisley Tie - navy Tie - braun blau Tie - blue vichy dog Tie - blau flower Shirt - schwarz Tie - blau/rot Tie - blue Tie - blue Tie - light blue Tie - dark blue Tie - schwarz Bow tie - red uni Bow tie - black Tie - braun Tie - blue SLIM FIT - Shirt - blau Shirt - navy SUPER SLIM FIT - Formal shirt - navy SUPER SLIM FIT - Formal shirt - weiß Tie - weiß Tie - green Tie - blue SUPER SLIM FIT - Formal shirt - bleu SLIM FIT - Shirt - bunt

Using traditional Swedish craftsmanship and meticulous detailing, we're won over by the Eton take on contemporary shirts and ties.

Smarten up your wardrobe with Eton

Premium quality and innovative with a diverse range of influences, Eton is a dynamic shirt brand that has made its mark in the world of menswear. From bold patterns and vibrant prints to classic slim fit shirts and silk-blend ties in striking colours and finishes, Eton is an essential when it comes to formal occasions or simply putting your smartest foot forward. Whether it's a light tan shirt with a vintage twist or a 100% silk paisley tie to brighten up a tailored suit, this edit of Eton men's shirts is all about those designer-quality finishing touches.

Take the sophisticated route with Eton

Choose a crisp white fitted shirt from Eton for a versatile separate that will work for special occasions and interviews no matter what style of suit you're wearing. Go for a shirt in a striking botanical print and wear with jeans and men's chelsea boots for a weekend hit of hipster appeal. Refresh dark suits with Eton ties featuring bright patterns and bold colour mixes.

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