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This brand has shaken off its staid image and become the summer normcore footwear of choice for fashion trailblazers. The Birkenstock sale brings us the iconic sandal maker's innovative spirit - for less.

The true shoe with the Birkenstock sale

A pair of classic Birkenstocks is all about that chunky cork sole, with the dappled walls giving a rustic aesthetic. Deep brown leather designs are a time-honoured favourite, or look for lighter shades of brown, grey and slightly smarter black. The two-buckle, double-strap styles are an instantly recognisable shape, but don’t forget to consider the full-front slippers, too - a play on the quirky Dutch clog - or a T-bar design. A pair of sandals in this sale by Birkenstock is the natural ally of printed board shorts and a T-shirt for summer fun (at a lower price).

Glitz and glamour with the Birkenstock sale

For all its well-earned earthy and natural reputation, this Birkenstock outlet shows the brand isn't averse to playing around with vivid colours. Plastic straps sport hues bursting with sweet-shop radiance. Ladies, we say double up on the saturated goodness with your choice of kimono (the prices in this edit mean you'll have cash left over for a new one). More dazzling still are reflective or glittery uppers from Birkenstock - particularly good to distract on your seen-better-days pedicure. White leather offers a light and breezy look, especially with acid-wash jeans and a camisole, while plastic sandals in this sale by Birkenstock are great for walking around saunas and swimming pools.

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