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Nike high-tops for the ultimate in timeless urban street wear

Level up with one of the world’s most iconic shoe shapes of all time, and step out boldly in Nike high-tops. Created by the world leaders in sports and leisurewear, the high-top continues to be a staple amongst urban dwellers when it comes to on-trend shoes, remaining relevant despite countless reinventions, improvements and style adjustments over the years. The world of the high-top has exploded with many splinters into high-fashion limited editions, retro throwback releases, pure lifestyle shapes and modified lines of old favourites. When looking for the ultimate in fashion sneakers, look no further than Nike high-tops.

With a rich heritage stemming from the game of basketball, the high-top shape’s popularity was forged generations ago. Whilst not the first sneaker brand on the market to release shoes of the shape, Nike certainly took the high-utility aspect of the high-top to new heights. With some of the world’s biggest celebrity sports stars endorsing the shoes over the years under the Nike wing, the popularity of the shape subsequently soared to unimaginable heights.

From sporting to trend-focused with Nike high-top footwear

Whether a lover of the vintage-style high-tops or a pursuer of futuristic performance shoes, Nike high footwear is in full force with an impressively large selection. Heritage-wise, the brand stepped up to provide the sporting world what it needed most. Basketball players were in danger of ankle injuries with high-impact lateral movements made in the course of a gruelling game, and the pursuit of the perfect high-top became a top priority for Nike, with technological backing to support every design.

Sporting trends evolve and new shoe shapes take favour on the courts, yet the high-top remains one of the most popular shapes on the streets. Nike has, and still continues to take this unique shoe shape far beyond the sports world and into the daily lives of fashion-forward men and women around the globe. Whether your high-tops are primarily worn for comfort or for cred, there is a design that caters for whatever your day or night throws at you.

Men's and women’s high-tops for a casually cool lifestyle

With b-ball still inspiring many of the retro and modern designs of high tops, Nike brings world famous sub-brands to life in an expansive array of colour for both genders. Whether a fan of a simple, clean and classic slim-line high-top or a lover of the chunkier, bold stance, Nike high footwear represents in blacks, whites and pops of electric colours.

Find high-tops for cold weather with fur-lined inners for the snowy seasons, bold sub-division logos or Velcro ankle embellishments on suede, leather and textile variants. Your Nike high-tops match with everything from long skirts to jeans on women and sweats, denims, chinos and long shorts on guys. Add a Swoosh to your kicks and up your swag points effortlessly. With one of the most diverse collections of Nike high-tops represented right here, explore the world of cool comfort on Zalando.