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Nike Metcon trainers for high performance and style

Nike Metcon trainers are designed for high-intensity training. Tuned cushioning, ridged traction and a wider heel give you all the support and flexibility you need when you’re training like an athlete. Part of the brand’s performance range, Metcons are engineered to see you through intense workouts in comfort.

Designed for high-intensity sessions, a trainer from this selection is equally suitable for strength training as any other form of explosive exercise. Browse our selection of trainers across their entire selection, including Nike Metcon 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Available in an array of colours and sizes for men and women, with unisex options available too, there’s something for everyone.

Nike Metcon shoes: durable materials for an enhanced workout

Nike Metcons have been around since 2015 and only grow in popularity with CrossFitters and weightlifters. This is due to the construction of the shoes, which allows for a wide range of exercises. It’s all in the name: Metcon stands for metabolic conditioning, a variety of workouts that include the use of strength and cardio via anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

We’ve mentioned wider heels; Nike Metcon trainers also provide cold padding and a reinforced heel that protects your heel as it lands – making it ideal for CrossFit exercises such as box jumps.

You can also include toe caps, which can benefit keen and regular runners and weightlifters – when you’re training for failure, who’s to say when an accident could happen? You can feel confident with the extra protection provided.

Your go-to shoe for confident weightlifting

Many of the shoes in the Nike Metcon assortment have been expertly and specifically designed for weightlifting. The soles provide lock, comfort and lift ideal for weightlifting with a large range of movement, including squats and deadlifts.

Unique foam technology also features in the forefront midsole, which makes the shoes ideal for CrossFit double-unders.

Nike Metcon shoes continue to advance with every model, and we’ll keep updated when a new line is released. Browse today to find a trainer that you’ll fall in love with and that will elevate your workouts.