Cowboy/Biker boots - wild horse caster/preto Across body bag - burgundy Boots - sauvage nougat SET - Tote bag - silver Beach accessory - weiß Ankle boots - black Cowboy/Biker boots - black Bikini - lobster Clutch - black High heeled ankle boots - imi navy Clutch - gold Shirt - grün/blau Clutch - burgundy Beach accessory - flieder Lace-up boots - caster preto Ankle boots - black Clutch - schwarz Across body bag - black Across body bag - velvet black Across body bag - green Across body bag - grey Clutch - black Clutch - rose High heels - black Long sleeved top - natur Beach accessory - schwarz Classic heels - white Sweatshirt - bordeaux Platform boots - brown Tote bag - grey Over-the-knee boots - black Over-the-knee boots - khaki Lace-up boots - ocker ZS 7794-16 - Classic heels - black Cowboy/Biker boots - sauvage nevada/nougat Ankle boots - grey Clutch - red Lace-ups - red Boots - black Across body bag - grey High heeled ankle boots - suede garda High heeled ankle boots - garda beige High heeled ankle boots - tan Over-the-knee boots - grey Cowboy/Biker boots - sauvage nevada/preto Slip-ons - blue Ankle boots - black Tote bag - brown Over-the-knee boots - black Boots - antracite Classic heels - black Bikini bottoms - aubergine ZS 7794-16 - Classic heels - beige Clutch - patent red Tote bag - black Across body bag - black Across body bag - nude Over-the-knee boots - roble Cowboy/Biker boots - blue dark/silver Clutch - rose

We're loving the Buffalo take on sophisticated shoes and accessories with a premium trend-driven edge.

Update your accessory collection with Buffalo

German brand Buffalo has been leading the way in shoes and handbags for years, and we're just as lustful of its elegant take on catwalk-inspired accessories as we ever were. From timeless leather bags with a minimalistic finish and edgy peep toe boots to stacked platform heels with a retro 70s twist, Buffalo exudes a cosmopolitan charm that wins us over every time. We're thinking Buffalo white trainers with a metallic twist for the day and some spiky high heels dripping in embellishment to get us through the party season in glamorous style.

Rejuvenate any look with Buffalo

If there's one thing that always grabs our attention it's new takes on the iconic knee high boot and a pair from Buffalo in buttery tan leather is our top choice. Choose a smart boxed clutch from Buffalo in clean black with a satin or suede texture for a luxurious finish to a party look. Channel current trends with some Buffalo wedge boots in a chunky biker-inspired design for a rebellious way to work skinny jeans and leather-look leggings.

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