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Since 2006, the unique 'one for one' philosophy behind the innovative TOMS brand has been inspiring us to give something back.

Make a charitable choice with TOMS

With a pair of shoes donated to a developing country for every pair sold, the TOMS label has combined fashion and charity in the most dynamic of ways. Driven by quality, versatility and a modern laidback aesthetic, this collection from TOMS is a great way to update our everyday wardrobes while giving a precious gift to those in need. TOMS women's shoes range from sporty trainers with chunky soles to comfy slip-ons in rich block colours.

Make a difference with TOMS

Striped trainers from this line of TOMS men's shoes are a great way for men to refresh their leisure look with an athletic edge. Choose slip-ons with a velcro strap from this edit of TOMS children's shoes to give kids a practical footwear staple lightweight and breathable enough for summer months. Think printed trainers from TOMS in navy and cream tones for a nautical feel, while TOMS shoes with a glittery metallic finish will appeal to young girls of all ages.

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