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A vast choice of fun and funky hair accessories

Whatever style of hair accessories you can think of, there's a good chance you'll find it here. Zalando offers an almost exhaustive range of various types from dozens of brands, including designer fashion houses. All the most popular stalwarts like scrunchies are there, along with elaborate clasps and bands. The colours and different styles within each type are also hugely varied, so you'll be able to find that perfect hair accessory for any occasion and any outfit.

You can buy these hair accessories singly or in money-saving packs of four or more. You'll find a selection of different colours in each pack you order, which gives you a choice of mix and match options. Also look out for our red discount tags – these offer generous savings, even on our designer accessories.

Individual designs are too many to mention. If you want something really elegant, choose a designer clasp. On the other end of the spectrum, if you want something light and fun for children, there's a great kids’ range. In-between you'll something for almost any taste. Materials range from plastic to polished brass with synthetic pearls and crystal jewellery. There are all kinds of unusual pieces too, like brass headbands covered in a soft polyester and acrylic fabric blend, studded with glass and crystals.

What are hair accessories, why all the fuss?

Hair accessories are your best friends if you have medium to long hair. In fact, anytime you feel the need to control your hair so that you can focus without constantly flicking it out of your face, is a good time to reach for one of these useful hair accessories. They come in a variety of basic types, each with their own specific use or multi-functionality.

There are four basic types of hair accessories. Your basic hairband (or Alice band) is a simple band that you can use to pull your hair back from your face and then leave just above your brow. Scrunchies are more elaborate fabric versions of elastic bands to create ponytails. Then there are comb clips, which you simply open, attach to any part of your head and fasten your hair in place right there. They come in a range of sizes, so you can create a single tail or use really small ones to give yourself a lot of trendy short little ponytails all over your head for a retro '90s look.

The third type is a clasp that you typically use to gather long hair at the backs. You'll find ones made from plastic or metal, some plain and some more elaborately ornamental. Lastly there are the old favourite: ribbons, which of course have multiple uses as hair accessories.

Trendy and sustainable women's hair accessories

Keep an eye out for the green sustainability tags on Zalando if you're looking for eco-friendly women's hair accessories. There are basic plastic comb clips made with at least 70% recycled materials. This standard has been certified by a third party or by each brand's recycling programme, which has in turn been certified. You can also get sustainable scrunchies. They're made from pure cotton that's certified to contain at least 70% organic materials. These have been grown from using non-GMO methods and no pesticides.

Now that you're assured of their sustainable credentials, you can explore the range with a clear conscience. You can get subtle bow ribbons that keep your hair firmly in place with a stretchy combination of recycled polyester and elastane.

You'll also be able to take your pick from the many prints and patterns in this selection of hair accessories. Florals are very popular, on both fabrics and plastics. Velvety black headbands come with gold detailing, and there are classic tortoise-shell plastic clips. Otherwise, there are motifs like the yin-yang symbol, and abstract patterns.