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Quintessentially Californian, the illustrious and iconic brand Guess was conceived amidst the glitz and glamour of the renowned Beverly Hills in the splendid year of 1981. It was skillfully forged by two visionary brothers, whose unrivaled ingenuity and unparalleled fashion acumen would ultimately redefine the very essence of denim. With their groundbreaking introduction of stonewashed jeans that beautifully embraced and accentuated the wearer's figure, Guess propelled the fashion industry into a realm of uncharted sophistication and desirability. Today, this trailblazing brand still reigns supreme, captivating the hearts and wardrobes of the sartorially savvy with their timeless allure and unmatched fashion prowess.

The Guess woman

With an adventurous, youthful spirit, Guess is a popular choice when it comes to modern dressing. From striking statement handbags to staple logo t-shirts, Guess has become a permanent fixture in the fashionista's wardrobe. Get the Cali-girl look with some Guess women's jeans, or toughen the dress code by adding some leather bag. A leather jacket on top of a Guess edgy top will give you some rocker chic style. Choose a coloured jacket or a leather and jersey hybrid for an alternative take on a classic.

Guess from head to toe

Not only famed for their womenswear, Guess have also been injecting their own brand of style into menswear and childrenswear. You can style your own fashion protégé with Guess' collection for kids, which ranges from bright metallic logo tees, to luxurious snuggly hoodies. Guess has long been a leader in men's denim, but their launch into underwear turned more than a few heads. Choose a branded vest to channel that designer spirit to the core, but don't forget a pair of Guess men's jeans if you want your designer threads to work from head to toe. Shop Guess at Zalando!