DEVYN LARGE ZIP AROUND - Wallet - bordeaux COOL MIX - Handbag - schwarz BLAKLEY LARGE ZIP AROUND - Wallet - black Cocktail dress / Party dress - green THE SOUL SLIM FIT - Print T-shirt - true white DEVYN LARGE SATCHEL - Handbag - hellbraun RADIO ROCK - Print T-shirt - true white NOT COORDINATED HAT - Hat - black Scarf - black NISSANA - Wallet - coal DEVYN LARGE SATCHEL - Handbag - black CATE SATCHEL - Handbag - taupe Handbag - coal Belt - black BRADYN SMALL - Rucksack - black DEVYN LARGE SATCHEL - Handbag - blau HALLEY ADJUSTABLE BELT - Belt - black KAMRYN TOTE - Handbag - blau navy NOT COORDINATED - Scarf - burgundy NOT COORDINATED - Hat - grey KAMRYN - Across body bag - black SLATER - Belt - coal ESMERALDA - Winter jacket - tulip red KAMRYN TOTE - Handbag - passion ALEX - Lace-ups - dark brown DOUBLE SHINY - Print T-shirt - true white Faux leather jacket - lava red COOL MIX - Handbag - cognac FYNN - Wallet - cognac INSTINCT BRIEF 3 PACK - Briefs - blue/grey/green CORE STRETCH - Down jacket - blue romance/bleu BOBBI INSIDE OUT SET - Handbag - blush rose gold Handbag - bordeaux ICON TEE - Print T-shirt - jet black ICON TEE - Print T-shirt - cameo rose Handbag - coal Handbag - black NOT COORDINATED - Scarf - black CATE SATCHEL - Handbag - forest DARIN LARGE ZIP AROUND - Wallet - black Long sleeved top - jet black BLAKLEY - Handbag - black FLUTTER - Belt - pewter Handbag - navy Necklace - silver-coloured ROCHELLE - Wallet - silver NEW BOSTON - Across body bag - black DEVYN CROSSBODY - Across body bag - schwarz KAMRYN TOTE - Handbag - red Shirt - white/black Jeans Skinny Fit - graphite blue Earrings - silver-coloured CATE SATCHEL - Handbag - wine Handbag - claret Across body bag - black KAMRYN - Handbag - cognac Handbag - bordeaux SKINNY - Straight leg jeans - ragged DEVYN DOME SATCHEL - Handbag - black NOT COORDINATED ADJUST - Belt - grey

Quintessentially Californian, Guess was born in Beverly Hills in 1981. Formed by two brothers, Guess redefined denim with their stonewashed, figure hugging jeans, and the brand continues to seduce the sartorially savvy today.

The Guess woman

With an adventurous, youthful spirit, Guess is a popular choice when it comes to modern dressing. From striking statement handbags to staple logo t-shirts, Guess has become a permanent fixture in the fashionista's wardrobe. Get the Cali-girl look with some Guess women's slim fit jeans, or toughen the dress code by adding some leather. A Guess leather jacket on top of a staple logo Guess women's t-shirt will give you some rocker chic style. Choose a coloured jacket or a leather and jersey hybrid for an alternative take on a classic.

Guess from head to toe

Not only famed for their womenswear, Guess have also been injecting their own brand of style into menswear and childrenswear. You can style your own fashion protégé with Guess' collection for kids, which ranges from bright metallic logo tees, to luxurious snuggly hoodies. Guess has long been a leader in men's denim, but their launch into underwear turned more than a few heads. Choose a branded vest to channel that designer spirit to the core, but don't forget a pair of Guess men's pants if you want your designer threads to work from head to toe.

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