Women's Pendants

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From the Egyptians’ symbols of power and wealth, to the protective amulets worn by cultures across the world, pendants have long been about more than jewellery. Some 75 thousand years ago cavemen and women started to hang jewels and stones around their necks, but fast forward to today and we still have a weakness for women's pendants. Whether you wear one to identify with a particular movement, to make a style statement, or you just want a standout piece of jewellery to complete your outfit, women's pendants come in a range of varied designs and styles.

Finish off your outfit with women’s pendants

Whether you want to display a precious stone in all its glory, or you’re looking for a statement item to proudly display around your neck, women's pendants allow you to inject some personality into your outfit. Put the perfect finishing touch to a vintage tea dress with an art deco inspired pendant with a geometrical centre piece, or transform a day dress to evening wear with a statement jewel or precious stone. Opt for a delicate chain with a dainty charm to compliment the soft lines and fabrics of the fairytale trend, or choose a solid statement piece to stand up against the sharp suits of the boyfriend tailoring look.