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ENBOOK LYREX - A-line skirt - black A-line skirt - red TILLIE - Pleated skirt - blue metallic A-line skirt - rio red VMNEDALY PLEATED SKIRT - A-line skirt - opera mauve Pleated skirt - black Pleated skirt - light blue MADISON - Pleated skirt - navy VOSCI - Pleated skirt - bianco/navy A-line skirt - black Pleated skirt - slate SASHENKA - A-line skirt - pink gold army A-line skirt - silver metallic LADIES SKIRT - A-line skirt - navy blue REPEAT STRIPED - A-line skirt - black VMDINUBA - Pleated skirt - black/silver lurex BELLE - A-line skirt - silver mink A-line skirt - dark red ONLJOYCE - Pleated skirt - iron gate BATULL - A-line skirt - black PLEATED MIDI SKIRT - A-line skirt - golden yellow TULLE MIDI SKIRT - A-line skirt - dove ASTROID SKIRT - Pleated skirt - black NMFRENCH SKIRT - A-line skirt - black PLEATED SHIMMERY - A-line skirt - blue ENRESORT - Pleated skirt - sudan brown tiger aop VIDAMIA - A-line skirt - silver colour ENELLE - Pleated skirt - wild flower JUMBALAYA - Pleated skirt - blue orchid A-line skirt - grey Pleated skirt - black ANNINA SKIRT - A-line skirt - pomegranate ONLANNA - Pleated skirt - sun-dried tomato METALLIC SPOT PLEATED SKIRT - A-line skirt - black/gold PROSA - Pleated skirt - plum A-line skirt - black REPEAT STRIPED - A-line skirt - duck green LEON PLEATED MIDI - Pleated skirt - dark yellow ZIGGY - A-line skirt - gold KAMEA FLORAL - A-line skirt - dunkelblau TILLI SKIRT - Pleated skirt - bronze A-line skirt - june bug CARDATO - Pleated skirt - ghiaccio PLISSE MIDI SKIRT - A-line skirt - black Shorts - black ANNA - A-line skirt - silver/black METALIC PLISSEE - Pleated skirt - dark blue glitter VIINEZ - Pleated skirt - dark navy GO NYLA - A-line skirt - white Pleated skirt - light green LINA - Pleated skirt - silver Pleated skirt - black/white LINA SNAKE - Pleated skirt - grey Pleated skirt - black AMY - Pleated skirt - white PLEATED - A-line skirt - orion Pleated skirt - mottled red VMMONALISA - Pleated skirt - flame scarlet SHEER PLEAT - A-line skirt - black A-line skirt - rose gold

Crank up the feminine factor with this season's must-have fashion piece, in all its ladylike glory, the pleated skirt. From narrow knife pleats to chunky box pleats, pleated skirts boast some school girl nostalgia but with added chic appeal.

The new pleated skirts

Dressed up with metallics, or dressed down with chunky knitwear, pleated skirts are your answer to ultra-feminine dressing. Embrace the 80s fashion vibe and look for lamé type fabrics that shimmer and sway across the knees. Wear yours with a ruffle blouse for the gothic glamour look that's set to soar next season. Folds from the waistline will give your skirt a billowing fairytale shape, wear these with tight polo necks and cropped t-shirts to accentuate the waist and keep it looking chic. Chiffon gives pleated skirts some added romance. Play with the texture and mix it up by wearing yours with a tucked in cashmere jumper.

Look to classic pleated skirts

For many of us, pleated skirts are all too reminiscent of school girl skirts in navy and grey, but you can break the mould and give yourself a new reason to love pleats. Classic shapes are reinvented with statement colours and patterns, while vintage shapes, such as a 1920s pleated column skirt, will give your pleats some instant sophistication. Give yours a streetwear edge and wear it with white converse and a baggy t-shirt, or take it to a party with an embroidered shell top. A white shirt works well with heavy pleated skirts in fabrics like tweed and wool, but tuck in a sheer blouse into lighter rippling skirts.

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