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Leggings - the most versatile garments you can offer your wardrobe.

Leggings are thought to have first been invented around the 13th century. At this time, they were made of supple tanned leather, and tended to be worn only by men. Throughout the ages, they remained still firmly in fashion, both due to their practicality and to their simple look. Cowboys cut a fine dash in rawhide leggings, for instance, many centuries later. Nowadays, there are so many different styles of leggings for women available, and you will find a great mix of them here at Zalando. These garments are all flattering, functional and versatile due to their construction with the finest, high-quality fabrics that can hug your figure and maintain their shape through washing. It is always a good idea to have a pair of leggings or two ready in your wardrobe because they can be used to create a whole range of different looks from cute and casual to glamorous and formal.

Stride out in style in a fresh pair of leggings from Zalando.

There is a great selection of different types of leggings available here at Zalando in an assortment of colour palettes and cuts. A smart black pair can look extremely striking when worn with a colourful tunic and a pair of brightly coloured ballerina style shoes for your feet. Glam them up with some high heels for an iconic and sophisticated look. Or, you can really draw attention to your legs with a pair of floral leggings for spring and summer styles. Elegant buttons, chic belt hooks, and eye catching zippers and buttons ensure that all of these garments are perfectly crafted down to the smallest detail. Discover the fashionable and inspiring range of leggings available at Zalando.co.uk and grab yourself some brilliant wardrobe staples today.