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Mittens for men – protect your hands on the slopes

Keep your extremities warm as you fly down the slopes or go hiking in the mountains, with mittens for men. Find a pair made with water-repellent material so your hands will stay warm, dry and protected on the coldest of days.

Elasticated cuffs and a soft fleece interior provide that extra layer of comfort and insulation, whether you are skiing, snowboarding or out on the mountain trails. Mittens with a Gore-Tex outer layer are tough and breathable. Keep an eye out for products that use sustainable materials such as recycled cotton or polyester, making sure you contribute to a better future for our planet.

You could pick up a pair of men’s mittens lined with microfibre thermal insulation, keeping the wind chill out on blustery winter days. What mittens lack in dexterity they certainly make up for in practical warmth, so take your time in choosing the right pair for your activity.

Keep your hands cosy and warm with men’s mittens

For activities like skiing or mountaineering, where your grip is all important, you could pick up a pair of men’s mittens that have soft leather layers on the palms. You’ll find this layer improves your grip and adds another barrier against the cold.

Whether you are on a skiing trip with friends or out hiking below the snowline in spring, a pair of men’s mittens is a must-have for your wardrobe. With a handily located pairing hook, you can attach them to your daypack until you need to wear them.

Mittens for men come in various colours and styles, from neutral navy blues and blacks to more cosy colours that make a statement. Just because they are practical doesn’t mean you need to relinquish your style.

Practical, lightweight and cosy

If you prefer to layer up with your mittens, perhaps go for a pair that are slightly bigger. Then you can wear them with liners – either gloves or mittens – that fit snugly to your hands. This way you can add or remove layers as you warm up or cool down.

Opt for tough, durable materials that are technologically designed to withstand the cold temperatures and extreme sports, whilst keeping your hands warm and dry.

Whatever the activity or location, mittens for men have been created with both style and practicality in mind. Don’t risk the cold; there will be a design suited to you.