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Men's Belts 

Belts aren't just holding up your trousers, they're holding up your style too. Whether they're adding a touch of personality to your outfit, bringing a look together, or just breaking up your silhouette, men's belts are as fashionable as they are functional.

Formal men's belts

Whether you're going all-out formal or just trying to punctuate a casual outfit, men's belts can showcase your style more than any other accessory. If you're dressing up, opt for understated and elegant. Team grey wool trousers and a white shirt with a contrasting black leather belt, or use a brown leather belt with navy trousers and a wool coat for a touch of understated style. Suits work well with men's belts in muted tones of black and brown, and be sure to match your metal buckle with your other accessories. Watches, tie bars, lapel pins and jewellery will all add to your suited and booted je ne sais quoi.

Statement men's belts

If you're going casual, your men's belts can afford a little more personality. Mix up your colour choices if you want to make a statement. Mustard yellow is dreamy with shades of blue and even baby pink, while pastels work well with white chinos for a fresh look in the sunshine. Woven belts will give a subtle style statement and they're great between a patterned shirt and a pair of smart trousers. Stick to skinny belts with skinny jeans to give your look some coherence, but look to distinct fabrics and patterns for something unusual. Animal skins, enlarged buckles and geo patterns are ideal if you want a signature belt that will make a statement with any outfit.

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