Men's Umbrellas

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Men's umbrellas, no matter your preference

Always functional, always stylish, our selection of men's umbrellas gives you plenty of options. There are classic brollies all the way to modern mini foldable umbrellas. You'll find affordable everyday ones, as well as some from high-fashion designer brands.

The basic umbrella hasn't ever changed much. We offer these in a range of solid colours and patterns. They're made from 100% polyester to provide shelter from the rain, with synthetic handles.

These are eight-lane models, having eight struts to support the fabric when open. They have automatic opening clasps that swiftly inflate them – particularly useful when a deluge strikes without much warning.

Foldable umbrellas for men

You'll also find plenty of foldable umbrellas for men on Zalando. These are made from polyester or textile, again with synthetic handles. You can choose a manual or automatically opening one.

There's a great range here. Some of the UK's top fashion houses are represented. They also offer a wider choice of designs and materials, and have branded carry handles.

These more upmarket men's umbrellas have moulded wooden handles with rope-type straps to secure them around your hand as you walk. Or choose one with aluminium struts creating the supportive frame.

Umbrellas that are anti-rain and pro-Earth

Sustainability is another serious consideration in our selection. You'll find models that are verified to contain at least 70% recycled polyester – look out for our green tags. You can read further about each one's green credentials when you browse.

If you want something even more compact than a standard foldable umbrella, you can also get mini ones on Zalando. They can easily fit into a coat pocket, making them extremely useful.

These typically have 6 struts for simplicity and are manually opening. They provide full coverage, and are also made from durable polyester. Handy carry straps are attached to their synthetic handles.