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A timeless elegance in versatile kitten heels

Sexy, timeless and classic describes the kitten heel best. A popular ‘50s shoe that continues to remain relevant, this slightly smaller heel has been a go-to for everyone from vintage lovers to executive women, with every kind of sophisticated fashionista in between. Originally created with younger women in mind, the kitten heel was the first formal shoe a teenage girl would adopt as she began to set foot in social settings. Remaining relevant for women seeking a more walkable, comfortable approach to formal footwear, they continue to provide functionality and style everywhere from the runway to the boardroom.

Every year the kitten heel resurfaces with new styles and approaches to the classic small heel. Currently trending again, this elevated shoe provides more than just an instant upscale to outfits, they are actually more comfortable than many flats as they support high arches and provide less strain on calves. Any heel-wearing person understands that heels can be challenging for long use. With a kitten heel, the foot strain is relieved, allowing for a long night of dancing or walking.

Top quality kitten-style heels for every season

When looking for the ideal kitten-style heel, look no further than the comprehensive collection on Zalando. Crafted by some of the world’s top fashion houses, find your ideal fit no matter your age, style or mood. Look for exclusive pairs in half sizes for wider-shaped feet and ensure comfort matches the beauty of this evergreen shape. Whether you enjoy the popular sling-back in summer or even a chic ankle boot, there is a kitten heel to complement jeans, skirts, linen pants and even shorts.

Keep it casual in the day with denims, creams, pastels and earth-toned kitten heels that give you a slight boost in height. Whether shopping, at work or enjoying brunch, they add elegance to boyfriend jeans and tees, sexiness to flowing dresses and skirts and an elevated look to work outfits. In the evening reach for blacks, animal prints and sparkling embellishments to add a sense of mystery and glamour to everything from the little black dress to high-fashion slacks.

Kitten boots dominating global runways

If high fashion is your thing, the kitten boot is back as one of the most coveted designer footwear trends. The ankle boot with shorter heel stomps runways and high streets alike as popular culture sees them being absorbed into the looks of iconic celebrities. Wear your kitten boots with layered, puffy skirts or tuck into designer cargo pants for an ultra-cool and confident approach to your day. Fierce and defiant, the kitten boot is without a doubt inspiring modern young women that enjoy a throwback to centuries-old, Gothic-inspired looks too. Perfect for an elevated witchy look, kitten boots rock as fantasy television culture and social media trends keep vintage attire top of mind for statement outfits.

In the holiday season there is no better footwear in which you should enjoy island cocktail bars or cosmopolitan cafés. Stock up on casual pairs for daily hangs, sandals for sightseeing and some classically beautiful evening pairs and have the ultimate shoe for whatever your holiday social life throws at you. Choose versions with ankle straps to keep shoes snug and opened-toe variants keep feet breezy and fresh no matter how balmy your holiday evenings get. Dance the night away looking your absolute best in kitten heels and boots.