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A warm welcome to our Chiara Ferragni collection

Fashion maven Chiara Ferragni first became a global phenomenon as more and more people began to follow her blog, The Blonde Salad, and her Insta. She was soon named the hottest fashion influencer in the world and it was only a matter of time before she launched her own label.

The label began with a logo. The Chiara Ferragni logo is an open eye with long, straight upper lashes. You will find it on almost all the clothes and accessories in our collection. The logo is an integral part of one of the most distinctive features of Chiara’s work – the taped seam, a strip of woven fabric tape with the logo repeated along it that is stitched over the outside seam of jogging bottoms or along the top of a sleeve to create a silhouette effect around the outline of the garment.

Chiara Ferragni’s designs and collaborations are eclectic but they are brought together by much more than the quirky logo. Fundamentally, they all display aspects of the special touches that make Chiaria Ferragni such a name to watch.

Chiara Ferragni’s philosophy

Chiara says one of her motivations is the desire to share everything with everyone and her collections are infused with this spirit of generosity and inclusiveness. The clothes and accessories are current and fashion forward and yet avoid the overly glamourous ‘high fashion’ sheen that cancels out those sought-after street credentials that our younger customers are looking for.

Chiara often begins by distilling the look and feel of catwalk collections especially when it comes to colours and patterns and then uses the trends to create her own clever takes on whatever is making the news fashion-wise. She taps into her ‘girl-next-door’ aesthetic and uses it to reinterpret the very latest tendencies in the world of haute couture.

She picks up on the season’s colours and uses them confidently in her clothes and accessories – perhaps most strikingly in the range of Chiara Ferragni bags in delicious shades of the current hues. She is not afraid to add hip-hop vibes to the mix, sportswear structural elements, or gender-neutral notions, channelling a wonderful melange of trends from the fashion eco-system to create her own very special Chiara Ferragni look.

Accessories and shoes are important parts of the look

Chiara Ferragni likes to use footwear in a special way, often to underline the casual elements of a seemingly terribly chic ensemble, or perhaps to create a contrast that sets it off to perfection. She herself often wears trainers to red carpet events and she has created a fabulous range of sneakers, trainers, mules and sandals. In sharp contrast, there are the strong and shapely ankle boots – perfect for off-setting a figure-hugging woollen mini-dress on a winter’s afternoon/evening.

We haven’t forgotten our youngest customers, by the way. Check out our Chiara Ferragni childrenswear collection for the sweetest, smartest toddler outfits ever. There are puffy coats, dresses, swimwear, beach shoes, trainers, tee-shirts and jogging pants, all in children’s sizes.

Whether you know Chiara Ferragni as a brand ambassador or a blogger, or if you had not heard of her before, we hope you will find the pieces from her label as mesmerising as we did when we decided to give Chiara a space on Zalando!