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Trousers - anthracite/nero FORMULA - Ski jacket - potent purple STERNE - Swimming shorts - grün/schwarz SWIM INFINITEX - Swimsuit - black/white/shock pink SNAPS HOOD - Snowboard jacket - bitter magenta Swimsuit - legend ink/easy coral LEGO TEC JAXON 776 - Winter jacket - dark blue TEC JAZZ 775 - Snowboard jacket - dark turquise DASHBOARD - Swimsuit - black/fresia rose POLARIS - Snowsuit - purple Tracksuit top - dark grey heather CAPPY - Snowboard jacket - punch pink TEC JAZZ 772 - Winter coat - dark turquise Bikini - black/white Bikini - black/white STAR - Tracksuit top - rio red TAVORSY - Waterproof trousers - fluo pink WAVE - Swimming shorts - oceanic blue ROSIE - Winter jacket - dark blue ZENON - Winter jacket - royal blue INFINITEX - Swimsuit - mystery blu/semi solar yellow FIX HOOD HYBRID - Fleece - antracite/river/lime green Swimming shorts - mystery blue/core red FISH SWIM - Swimming shorts - elysian blue SNAPS - Ski jacket - clorophilla Waterproof jacket - red CREWNECK - Sweatshirt - grey Swimsuit - blau/pink SWIM INF - Swimsuit - legend ink/shock pink EXTEMPORE - Snowboard jacket - flbl/cardamom INFINITEX - Swimming shorts - legend ink/semi solar yellow SERE - Tracksuit - black/silver/wihte SCHMETTERLINGE - Swimsuit - rose TENNIS - Polo shirt - medium grey KESS - Tracksuit bottoms - medium melange SNAPS - Ski jacket - sky light ARIA FREEFALL - Snowboard jacket - grape/peppermint HYPEY - Waterproof trousers - obsidian SNAPS - Snowboard jacket - red fluo HYPNOS - Swimsuit - black/fresia rose/plum SWIM INF - Swimsuit - collegiate royal/legend ink/sun glow HYPNOS - Swimming shorts - black/pix blue/red FIX HOOD - Soft shell jacket - royal/ambra FIX HOOD - Fleece - blue/bianco LINEAR - Tracksuit top - mysrub/white HUNTER SOLID - Ski jacket - chroma/green HUNTER POWERSURGE - Snowboard jacket - orange blast/navy LINDY - Tracksuit bottoms - thyme BUS - Swimming shorts - blau TENNIS - Sports shirt - white RIKKI SKI SET - Snowboard jacket - deep lagoon SNOWQUEST - Snowboard jacket - cosmic blue ALLOVER SPLASHBACK - Swimsuit - jade/spearmint/amethyst SET - Ski jacket - biene LUKAS - Tracksuit bottoms - dark navy TK2 - Sports socks - marine INFINITEX ESSENCE CORE - Swimming shorts - black/white SNAPS - Ski jacket - navy AJ 3 Pant - Tracksuit bottoms - black SWIM INFINITEX - Swimsuit - legend ink/semi solar yellow/energy blue

Blending function and durability with a dynamic flair they'll love, this edit of kids' sports clothing is driven by bold finishes and intricate details.

Keep them comfy with the latest kids' sports clothing

Active kids need clothing specifically designed for activity, which is why this collection of kids' sports clothes is all about the practical factor. From performance-enhancing football kits to striking swimming gear and everything in between, this line of children's sports clothing covers it all with the latest in innovation and design. Breathable tops, lightweight trousers, cosy tracksuits and stretchy leggings in eye-catching prints define this range of kids' sports clothing.

Balance practicality and style with kids' sports clothing

Refresh their gym clothes with a range of mix and match separates from this selection of kids' sports clothing. Start with some simple long sleeved tops and build with striped hoodies, patterned leggings and vivid neon vests. Look for designs by specialist labels for kids that really want to work on their game, while staples like t-shirts and zip-up tracksuit tops are ideal for children who don't play a specific sport. Choose features like breathability, quick-drying fabrics and adjustable details within this line of kids' sports clothing to get the most out of your investment.

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