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Train in comfort, relax in style with Nike tracksuit bottoms

When athletic performance is your goal, you need sportswear to help minimise distractions and allow you to give movement your all. This range of Nike tracksuit bottoms available on Zalando includes stretchy and breathable leggings and loose-fit sweatpants that can easily double up as ultra-comfy lounge wear.

Nike is a giant in the sportswear world and has been a pioneer of athletic shoes and clothing since the 1960s when the brand was founded. Named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike is known for its focus on creating functional athletic wear that is designed to optimise performance and support you during training.

This line of Nike tracksuit bottoms showcases this longstanding combination of high-level functionality with comfortable leisure wear. Nike also puts a strong focus on creating a flattering silhouette that makes sportswear a style statement in itself.

Practise like a pro with Nike sweatpants

Don’t let distractions hold you back. This range of Nike sweatpants features leggings and tracksuit bottoms made from absorbent, quick-dry fabrics to help you stay dry during tough workouts.

Breathable and lightweight fabrics, like soft jersey or sweat, help you stay cool and give you an aerodynamic silhouette. This makes these sweatpants ideal for maintaining speed and power while you train.

Discover enduring comfort with Nike training pants

Durable stretch fabrics also mean that these Nike tracksuit bottoms are built to last, even with regular active use. Meanwhile, elasticated and drawcord waists on most styles mean that you can enjoy a comfortable, adjustable fit.

Loose-fit Nike track pants are also a great option if you’re looking for warm-up or cool-down layers. A pair of cotton polyester blend sweatpants with a wide leg and tapered ankle cuff are perfect to slip on over your leggings. Wear them to stay warm as you get ready for a dance class or when you’re out running on a cold day.

Make your training look work for you with Nike track pants

Looking the part equals feeling the part. When you want to give it your all, putting on workout gear that you love can help get you in the right head space. This selection of Nike track pants features tracksuit bottoms in a range of colours and styles, so you can choose active wear that feels totally you.

Sleek black styles embossed with the white Nike Swoosh logo give you a timeless sporty look. Meanwhile, eye-catching colour-blocked styles are perfect if you love to rock a bright pink, yellow, blue or purple look at the gym.

Many of the sweatpants in this collection have deep side pockets, so you can take your phone with you to training or slip your keys in your pocket when you go for a run. You’ll also find Nike tracksuit bottoms with stretchy security pockets that are great for storing your phone during high-impact workouts.