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Men’s running sports shorts with the latest athletic technology

Check out our range of men’s running sports shorts if you're looking to add a few pairs to your training kit or are trying out a new activity. They're all made with the most advanced sporting materials and technologies.

No matter whether you like going for a run in the evening or following an intense fitness routine, you'll find the ideal shorts here. You can also use them as all-around training shorts or for specific sports, from football to basketball to weightlifting.

If you're a dedicated brand follower, you'll find a great selection, and you can easily pick your favourite. If you're not particularly fussy about that sort of thing, you can choose from a large number of reputable manufacturers that supply elite athletes.

Running shorts for all-round fitness training

Looking for a few pairs of running shorts to replace your well-worn ones? We have them in dozens of styles, so it's a simple matter to find exactly the kind you like. You can filter our selection by size, fit and length.

You can choose the colour you want, with some pairs carrying imaginative patterns or prominent brand logos and other hallmarks. We offer standard running and trail shorts. They're all made from advanced materials to enhance comfort and performance.

Typical shorts for running have adjustable elasticated waists, with secured pockets. They feature a highly breathable and quick-drying polyester fabric. Additionally, reflective elements help to make you more visible in low-light conditions.

Versatile shorts for sports training

When you're looking for men’s running shorts to wear for various sports, these will do the trick nicely. You can have knee-length versions for basketball, volleyball or tennis. They're also made with breathable, quick-drying materials to help keep you fresh and dry.

Football players will find shorts in varying lengths, made by brands that supply some of the world's elite teams. They share the same high-tech credentials so you can train in comfort.

Browse our men’s running sports shorts range when you want the latest in athletic kit. There's always something new on offer. They also make great casual wear, for at home or the outdoors.