BABY REIMATEC WINTER JACKET KUUSI - Winter jacket - candy pink BEANIE - Hat - pink REIMATEC KIDDO OVERALL SNOWY - Snowsuit - blue BEANIE HURMOS - Hat - white BEANIE NAPAKETTU - Hat - navy REIMATEC KIDDO WINTER OVERALL FINN - Snowsuit - blue REIMATEC OVERALL LOSKA - Snowsuit - light grey REIMATEC PENTTI - Winter coat - black REIMATEC OVERALL TORNIO - Snowsuit - soft blue REIMATEC MUHVI - Winter coat - black REIMATEC WINTER OVERALL OULU - Snowsuit - navy REIMATEC KIDDO WINTER OVERALL FINN - Snowsuit - black SEEDS - Snood - blue BEANIE SAMMAL - Hat - melange grey JUSSI - Down coat - dark melange grey REIMATEC WINTER PIRKKO - Winter coat - black REIMATEC KIDDO WINTER OVERALL SNOWY - Snowsuit - pink BEANIE NEULANEN - Hat - berry BABY REIMATEC WINTER OVERALL LOSKA - Snowsuit - green NYLAND - Scarf - navy BABY REIMATEC JACKET PIHLAJA - Winter jacket - navy SEEDS - Snood - berry NYLAND - Scarf - pink BABY REIMATEC JACKET KUUSI - Winter jacket - soft blue Swimsuit - raspberry red Swimming shorts - ultramarine Rash vest - borneo blue Swimming shorts - raspberry red Swimming shorts - borneo raspberry red Swimming shorts - borneo blue REIMATEC WINTER JOUSI - Winter coat - dark berry BABY REIMATEC WINTER JACKET OLKI - Winter jacket - navy JACKET LEENA - Down jacket - berry MINNA 2-IN-1 - Down jacket - dark berry MAIJA - Winter jacket - navy BEANIE - Hat - navy Swimsuit - borneo raspberry red Swimming shorts - sicily ultamarine Swimsuit - sumatra raspberry red Rash vest - blue Rash vest - fiji/raspberry red REIMATEC PROCYON - Waterproof trousers - navy BEANIE HURMOS - Hat - navy REGULUS - Snowsuit - blau AMBER - Snowsuit - dark turquoise Rash vest - sicily ultramarine Swimsuit - borneo blue

Innovative, functional and colourful, Finnish childrenswear brand Reima is all about comfort and protection while they're exploring the outdoors.

Keep them snug with Reima

Balancing exceptional quality with features made specifically for wintry weather conditions, this collection from Reima is tailor-made for any child who likes to be active in the snow. Reima children's clothing ranges from padded down jackets in bold fluorescent shades and hooded snowsuits in striking patterns to long waterproof trousers and simple winter coats in easy-to-wear neutrals. We love this Reima edit for its balance of practicality and function as well as fun fresh designs.

Protect and insulate with Reima

If versatility is important, choose a fleece jacket in block navy or white from this line of Reima kids' jackets for a style they can wear even when they're not in the snow. For boys and girls who snowboard or ski, go for a ski jacket or snowsuit from this selection of Reima kids' sports clothing. Features like waterproof fabrics, fur lining, detachable hoods and stretchy fits mean this Reima range will ensure they stay warm and dry - whether they win the snowball fight or not.

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