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The streetwear classic gets a new twist with these Converse platforms

Converse All-Star sneakers are a timeless streetwear icon, and now they’ve got an elevated new look in Converse Platforms. Choose between low-top and high-top options to find the perfect platform sneaker for you. While all these options are platform shoes, the amount of elevation varies across the range, so whether you want just a little extra lift or to add extra inches, you can find your dream sole on Zalando. All options are supportive, comfortable and stylish.

The original Chuck Taylors were developed in 1917 to be a non-skid basketball shoe, and over the next century, they evolved into a streetwear staple. They are worn by everyone from fashionistas putting together carefully styled outfits to parents looking for a reliable walking shoe that fits any casual look. Today, Converse are everywhere, and a pair of converse platforms is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Maybe you’ve got a closet full of Converse and are looking for a new style, or maybe you’ve never had a pair of your own before. With a wide range of designs available, everyone can find something new and exciting that speaks to their personal style.

Find your new favourite style with Converse platforms for women

Converse makes shoes for all ages and genders, and their platform options are one of their most popular women's styles. Love to be a little taller but don't want to wear heels? Converse platforms for women boost your traction and support while you run errands, commute to work or catch up with friends. Try one of their lugged soles for a unique twist on the classic Converse look. Often in an eye-catching contrasting colour, these jagged edges are both practical and stylish, adding both height and grip, making them a runner-boot hybrid.

While the classic Converse shoe has durable canvas uppers, you can also find options made with leather uppers for a sleek, shiny look. Whether you choose canvas or leather, you can keep them in good condition by spot cleaning with a damp cloth. You can maintain suede options with a suede brush to clear away dirt. Always dry your Converse platforms at room temperature and stuff them with paper to make sure they maintain their shape.

You can find platforms that elevate you and the planet. Converse makes stylish platforms from recycled materials, and this often helps them reduce the overall emissions created in the manufacturing process.

Converse: an icon that makes an individudal

Converse is practically synonymous with a particular type of sneaker, letting them get super creative with their designs while staying true to their style. When you’ve been in the sneaker game as long as Converse, you learn to innovate and push the boundaries of silhouettes and designs.

For a totally classic look with a twist, you can opt for black or brown platform converse, the earliest colours used by the brand. Other classic shades like white and beige are easy to style and are a no-fuss style that’s great for anyone looking for their go-to pair of walking shoes.

But you don’t have to restrict yourself to block colours and classic shades. Converse elevates not just their soles but also their variety by constantly releasing exciting new designs. They have embroidered options with floral and geometric patterns and printed uppers with everything from animal prints to space-themed designs. Some designs cover the whole shoe, while others add some extra detailing at the heel. Plus, you can find bolder colours, including multi-coloured options with shades on the sides that contrast the tongue.