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Find the perfect women’s faux fur coat

Faux fur coats are the perfect way to embrace this throwback style that always looks chic and trendy. Faux fur is carefully engineered to both look like and provide the warmth and comfort of real animal fur using a variety of materials.

Faux fur is used by a range of brands, including premium brands, who love it for its softness and durability. It can be much easier to work with than real fur as it can more easily be sewn on sewing machines, letting designers try new, exciting designs.

A faux fur coat might usually make you think of lush jackets completely covered in fur but there are a range of ways different coats use faux fur. For example, on many winter jackets, faux fur is placed around the collar and/or the sleeves to provide extra warmth. Another common place to find faux fur is around the edge of a jacket’s hood. This provides both a fun, cosy look along with extra warmth and some extra protection from rain, snow and wind.

A faux fur jacket that lasts

Faux fur jackets also tend to be more durable and don’t require as much careful storage as real fur. Plus, they’re generally not as likely to attract moths so you can bring them out during winter again and again. High-quality faux fur coats can be washed multiple times while still maintaining a silky smooth feel.

Although faux fur jackets can be washed, it's still usually best to avoid washing the whole jacket until you need to. Small stains can be spot cleaned with specialty sprays and gentle brushes and you can use a hairdryer to dry it once you're done. Long faux fur items can be combed to keep them tangle-free and puffy.

Make sure to follow any care instructions on your coat's label, particularly regarding washing and drying. Usually, coats will keep their shape best if you dry them on a soft towel over a clothing rack out of direct sunlight. One of the easiest ways to keep your new coat in good condition is to store it on a hanger instead of folding it, and when you're going to store it for a long period of time, keep it in a zip-up coat bag.

Faux fur; real style

When winter comes around, plenty of us like to stick to the basics to keep us warm and comfortable. A faux fur coat is a great way to dress up your go-to winter outfits with a little more flair. Faux fur can compete even with wool when it comes to keeping the heat in during cold weather.

Faux fur comes in a range of different forms. They are coats that imitate rabbit fur and jackets with faux fox fur detailing. Some jackets also imitate a sheepskin appearance. The on-trend teddy bear jackets are just one example of a faux fur jacket that’s not your typical long hair coat.

Complete your winter wardrobe with a faux fur coat that complements every winter outfit. Enjoy the feeling of lush, faux fur keeping you cosy and warm on cold morning commutes or late-night parties. Faux fur jackets come in all sorts of styles, including long-line puffers with long faux fur around the hood to provide extra insulation or mid-length jackets with a short-fur look all over.