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STARZ - Hat - sea glass STARZ - Fleece - sea glass STARZ - Hat - black IZABELLE - Fleece - sea glass ZINNA - Hat - sea glass JOZI - Fleece - black ZEAVER - Hat - green moss LUFIZ - Snowboard jacket - chocolate TYPERZ - Waterproof trousers - ruby wine FLYTOZ - Snowboard jacket - tango red INVENTORZ - Snowboard jacket - black INVENTORZ - Snowboard jacket - sand twotone LOKEZ - Snowboard jacket - tangerine ROBEEZ - Fleece - black WINZTON - Fleece - black ROBEEZ - Fleece - green BAKERZ - Snowboard jacket - green moss TYPERZ - Waterproof trousers - green moss ZARIN - Snowboard jacket - green ZUNNY - Waterproof trousers - plum ZUNNY - Waterproof trousers - plum LOKEZ - Snowboard jacket - black TYPERZ - Waterproof trousers - tangerine PiZ - Tracksuit top - black PiZ - Sweatshirt - black ZMARY - Sports shirt - iron MAZLEN - Sports shirt - caribbean DALLAZ - Sports shorts - frosty FATONZ - Sports shirt - paperwork moss MALOUZ - Sports shirt - frosty BROOKZ - Print T-shirt - caribbean melange BROOKZ - Print T-shirt - frosty melange MALOUZ - Sports shirt - caribbean LAIZY - Sports shirt - iron melange VIOLEZ - Print T-shirt - iron MISZA - Tights - black VIOLEZ - Print T-shirt - frosty TYPERZ - Waterproof trousers - paperwork allover olive ZUNNY - Waterproof trousers - light grey twotone ZLENDER - Waterproof trousers - candy ZARLA - Snowboard jacket - white IZABELLE - Fleece - black SNOWY MASH - Snowboard jacket - plum ZARLA - Snowboard jacket - light grey twotone TYPERZ - Waterproof trousers - navy SKIMZ LIM - Waterproof trousers - wine JANNAZ - Snowboard jacket - light grey ZARIN - Snowboard jacket - light grey SNOWY - Snowboard jacket - white TAILA - Sports shorts - iron melange ERMIZ - Tights - black PiZ - Tracksuit top - black PiZ - Snowboard jacket - black PiZ - Sweatshirt - black TAZA - Snowboard jacket - plum FRIZZ - Snowsuit - plum SNOWY - Snowboard jacket - rose FATONZ - Sports shirt - ink blue STARTRACKZ - Sports shorts - iron EWALZ - Training kit - ink blue

Whether you need protection from the elements for your next skiing holiday, top-notch bikewear for a summer of long rides, or sporty streetwear and accessories, Zimtstern has you covered.

Zimtstern: inspiration from the mountains

Zimtstern is a Swiss label that was founded by two passionate snowboarders just 20 years ago. In this short time it's gone from being a tiny, boutique sportswear brand to a worldwide athletic apparel and streetwear label. Its style has sparked many trends throughout the years, and its forward-thinking company culture means it's only set to get bigger and better in seasons to come. A young team of researchers and designers helps to keep Zimtstern on the cutting edge of fashion and eco-fabric technology. Plus, its proximity to the mountains and Swiss ski resorts means that all its products are tried and tested extensively before they're added to the collection.

Hit the street, snow or slopes with Zimtstern

Zimtstern’s clothing strikes just the right balance between fashion and function. With handy pockets and compartments for your snacks, ski pass and maps, jackets by Zimtstern are built with the slopes in mind. And don’t worry about losing your crew as you’re speeding down the piste - the vibrant hues and bold patterns in this collection are bound to make you stand out in the snow. Make sure your visibility is at 100% with some sports sunglasses - which are also ideal for a sunny cycle. If you do have a day out riding with your bike planned, be sure to have some good quality sports shoes to match your form-fitting Zimstern leggings and top, and a cap to protect you from the rays.

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