AVATINE - Waterproof trousers - white AVATINE - Waterproof trousers - pink blossom ISALA LADY - Gloves - black TASCHI - Waterproof trousers - black TAMAR - Ski jacket - black APLI JUN - Snowboard jacket - sea ISALANA MITTEN LADY - Mittens - black TATIO - Ski jacket - grey iron tec AMIGE JUN - Snowboard jacket - plumberry TOLO - Ski jacket - blue sea TAMAR - Ski jacket - white TEUVO - Waterproof trousers - orange spice NIBORI - Ski jacket - persian blue TOLO - Ski jacket - new green ANDO - Waterproof trousers - grey iron melange ABORO JUN - Ski jacket - grey iron melange ANETE - Ski jacket - plumberry TASKO - Ski jacket - blue navy/blue sea NIBORI - Ski jacket - red pop TARJA - Ski jacket - red pop TOLO - Ski jacket - red pop AIZA JUN - Snowboard jacket - plumberry TEUVO - Waterproof trousers - black TAMILA - Ski jacket - bright green ANDO - Waterproof trousers - citrus ANDO - Waterproof trousers - black AFEKT - Snowboard jacket - estate blue TEUVO - Waterproof trousers - persian blue dob AVATINE - Waterproof trousers - black ANDO - Waterproof trousers - red pop ARENT - Ski jacket - red pop stru TAMILA - Ski jacket - black TARJA - Ski jacket - blue navy TELOCITO - Waterproof trousers - persian blue ANDO - Waterproof trousers - sea TAMAR - Ski jacket - orange spice TAIPA - Waterproof trousers - black AIZA JUN - Snowboard jacket - blue aqua rib TAIPA - Waterproof trousers - blue aqua TENUKI - Waterproof trousers - pink blossom TAIO - Waterproof trousers - blue sea TAMILA - Ski jacket - pink blossom TIRZA - Waterproof trousers - white ABORO JUN - Ski jacket - copper melange APLI JUN - Ski jacket - grey iron melange ANETE - Ski jacket - pink blossom rib IAKOVO - Scarf - black INTERCONTINENTAL - Hat - blue navy IRGOT - Hat - blue navy TENUKI - Waterproof trousers - white NALA - Ski jacket - estate blue ABORO JUN - Ski jacket - forest green NALA - Ski jacket - plumberry IQUITO - Hat - black IQUIN - Hat - black ITALO - Scarf - black IKUPIKA - Hat - black INNING - Hat - black IBLIME - Hat - blue navy IXONI - Ear warmers - blue aqua

Starting from humble beginnings to become one of Europe's leading brands for winter sports wear, German company Ziener has a vast heritage of success. Supplying world class teams, you can trust that Ziener will kit you out in style and top performance for the coldest of conditions.

Get your gear for the mountains with confidence from Ziener

Known from the start for their ski gloves, Ziener is a go to for the best in gloves for the slopes, whether it's boarding, skiing or winter hiking. Windproof, waterproof and extremely breathable, your hands stay toasty and comfortable through hours of bitter cold. With slick panelling in bold colours too, you can ensure your ski wear looks on point - co-ordinate your ski gloves with your helmet and goggles for stylish impact as you glide by.

Style and performance with winter sports wear from Ziener

The Ziener range is full of colour popping designs that are sure to get you noticed - we love pairing fun bright colours together. Try neutral tones of grey or black with bold tones of red or electric blue, or take the look a step further with luminous white salopettes teamed with a fuchsia pink or lime green ski jacket. Keep base layers within the same colour scheme for a truly co-ordinated look.

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