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Situated in the heart of Basque country in the northern regions of Spain and inspired by the beautiful natural scenery around them, the designers behind Zergatik seek to create magical, enchanting garments and accessories for eco conscious fashionistas. In the Basque language, the word Zergatik means 'Why?', and this name reflects the fresh and global debate that helped to establish the brand, and which its designers continue to engage. Organic and naturally produced textiles, and an emphasis on fair employment conditions make this brand a great choice for lovers of ethically friendly fashion. The bright, on trend palette of colours deployed by this brand's designers reflect the glorious flora of this internationally-renowned brand's native Basque country.

Envelop yourself in the magic of nature with Zergatik clothing

With the elegant asymmetry of its cuts and the playful sophistication of its colour scheme, our Zergatik collection brings you bold and cheerful garments with a high fashion feel. Zergatik dresses will enable you to look your best as you dance the night away at glam parties, whilst your conscience remains satisfied in the knowledge that your fabulous clothing has been ethically produced. The soft and sumptuous feel of Zergatik women's jumpers & cardigans and Zergatik women's tops exemplifies this brand's dedication to creating fashionable pieces that the wearer will feel amazing in, and fall head over heels in love with. Creativity and an ethical non-conformity are at the heart of this brand, which aims to break the mould with each new garment. The designers make it part of their mission to keep learning new mistakes and to keep adapting to the changing times. Thus, you can be confident that there are plenty more stunning and exciting surprises to come in the future from Zergatik.

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