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COLIN - Jumper - black MAE - Long sleeved top - white JASMINA - Jumper - navy PROOF - Basic T-shirt - black ALEENA - Jumper - black WASHINGTON - Tracksuit top - black IZZA - Trousers - pirate black LAUREL - Basic T-shirt - blue PROOF ACID - Basic T-shirt - yellow TROY - Long sleeved top - black PROOF ACID - Basic T-shirt - mottled red MUNICH - Sweatshirt - pink lady KAYSON - Hoodie - black SANA - Summer jacket - blue PROOF - Basic T-shirt - rio red PROOF - Basic T-shirt - park green MIO - Maxi dress - chinese red PROOF - Basic T-shirt - blackberry cordinal DETROIT - Hoodie - dark green MARK PATCH - Leather jacket - black THERESE - Classic coat - rafanelli blue FOURTEEN RAIL - Denim jacket - black denim SHADY A FAVOURITE - Slim fit jeans - blue RANDY ELASTIC - Slip-ons - black RAW - Basic T-shirt - grey melange AIDEN - Print T-shirt - red VILDE - Jersey dress - silver MIO - Maxi dress - parisian night AIDEN - Print T-shirt - black KENDALL - Boots - yellow print MILA - Lace-up boots - black CATHRINE - Jumper - rio red LESTER - Shirt - dark blue KENDALL LOGO - Boots - red TAMIKO - Wedge boots - dark blue KRISTYY - Summer jacket - black SHADY A RAIL - Slim fit jeans - black PHIL - Parka - dark green GABRIELLE - Dress - white ADRIENNE - Denim dress - light blue CATHRINE - Jumper - blanc de blanc SHADY A STAY - Slim fit jeans - black DUBLIN - Long sleeved top - black DUBLIN - Long sleeved top - white MARILYN - Slim fit jeans - charcoal RANDY - Slip-ons - white PATTI - Slim fit jeans - dark favourite blue DIANE - Jumper - black PEARL TRASH - Flared Jeans - light blue GABY - Denim jacket - light blue MARILYN - Slim fit jeans - chinese red DIANE - Jumper - silver PRAGUE - Print T-shirt - white SHADY A DARK FAVOURITE - Slim fit jeans - dark blue denim EDINA - Summer dress - black HELENE - Trousers - black TRUDY - Summer dress - black RANDY - Slip-ons - red KATALINA - Trousers - black NESSA - Ankle boots - black

Encompassing all that's cool about Scandinavian fashion, Won Hundred is a distinctive minimalist brand from Denmark. A simple but high quality aesthetic is key to Scandinavian style, using luxury materials and putting attention to detail in every garment.

Refined and defined style with Won Hundred

Based in cool Copenhagen, Won Hundred embraces the city's trendy reputation and clean lined design style, creating contemporary fashion full of understated charm. Go all out Nordic with slick basics for pure style. We love a gorgeous long camel coat in smooth luxury wool, worn with a loosely buttoned crisp white shirt and jeans, finished off with iconic white trainers. Unisex and androgynous style is easy with Won Hundred - their refined pieces look neither masculine or feminine, perfect for creating a raw look.

Build up a complete wardrobe with Won Hundred

Focusing on utility design pieces with timeless longevity, Won Hundred is the perfect place to look for those wardrobe staples that underpin and bring together your statement trend looks. Look out for slick denim skinny jeans in deep grey tones, for a dreamy fit and team with velvet bodies or super sporty urban bomber jackets. Basic jumpers in popping colours are perfect for pairing with the seasons newest statement skirts, time and time again. Right now, pair regal blues or burgundy with metallic jacquard a-line skirts for a balanced look that blends a classic with straight off the runway style.

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