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ACTIVE - Swimsuit - black SOL SEARCHER - Swimsuit - black sands SWEETHEART - Swimsuit - black CUT OUT - Swimsuit - game royal Swimsuit - dark blue/pink LET IT BLOOM - Swimsuit - black sands Swimsuit - energy aqua/blue/legend ink Swimsuit - indigo DREAMER - Swimsuit - multicolored ACTIVE LACE UP HALTER MAILLOT - Swimsuit - black Swimsuit - red/navy SEAMLESS ZONE SET - Swimsuit - black/granite BARBARA WING BACK - Swimsuit - grape violet/fresia PEGASUS - Swimsuit - navy/pix blue CLIO - Swimsuit - classic white LEGACY - Swimsuit - black sands Swimsuit - paramount blue Swimsuit - anthracite love letter WAVE CUT-OUT - Swimsuit - racer pink CUMULOUS SPIDERBACK - Swimsuit - black WIDOW STAR - Swimsuit - black/multi FIT SPLICE X BACK - Swimsuit - black/vita grey/turquoise ACTIVE LACE UP HALTER MAILLOT - Swimsuit - bluemist ST. TROPEZ - Swimsuit - almostblack/white COLOUR BLOCK CUT OUT - Swimsuit - game royal ICONIC HIGH CUT - Swimsuit - blue Swimsuit - shopin/croyal ACTIVE LACE UP HALTER MAILLOT - Swimsuit - moss BOOM ALOV - Swimsuit - navy/lime punch FARRAH - Swimsuit - red HYPNOS - Swimsuit - navy/royal/pix blue Swimsuit - mysblu/shopin RETICULUM - Swimsuit - black/fresia rose QUARK - Swimsuit - black Swimsuit - collegiate royal/legend ink/sun glow Swimsuit - nobink/sesoye/sunglo Swimsuit - black/white/shopin LUX SPORT - Swimsuit - black VELOCITY - Swimsuit - navy/multi FIT KICKBACK - Swimsuit - black/turquoise/electric pink Swimsuit - legend ink/energy blue RACERBACK - Swimsuit - navy/hot orange/lime punch DIGI - Swimsuit - black/ lava red/ turquoise Swimsuit - mulberry LINGERIE TANK - Swimsuit - game royal PEGASUS - Swimsuit - plum/leaf AQUABRUSH - Swimsuit - multi/laguna Swimsuit - black/white NOOSA - Swimsuit - black/red/white Swimsuit - dark blue Swimsuit - blue COLOURBLOCK - Swimsuit - mystery blue/blue LUV MYSELF - Swimsuit - black sands DIGI - Swimsuit - navy/lime punch/spearmint LINGERIE TANK - Swimsuit - midnight navy Swimsuit - black/white AQUAJEWEL - Swimsuit - speedo navy /vita grey/white Swimsuit - trace blue/noble ink/shock pink ACTIVE DEEP - Swimsuit - black Swimsuit - black/pink/lava red/spearmint

Patterned sports swimming costumes bring a touch of your daytime wardrobe to the water. Whether it's through plunging necklines, contoured panelling, or performance focused designs, these perennial essentials play with a balance of style and function.

Sports swimming costumes that take you to new depths

Splash out this season at training with fashion forward sports swimming costumes. Figure hugging one piece designs show off your curves whilst creating a smooth, streamlined silhouette with low-resistance fabrics, perfect for enhancing your speed in the pool. Layer yours up with a soft women's bathrobe and rubber flip flops as soon as you leave the water, warming up in style after an intense workout.

Style meets function with sports swimming costumes

Choose contemporary bandeau sports swimming costumes with delicate floral prints on a trip to the spa, bringing a feminine touch to the day by wearing with a lightweight kaftan. Racerback styles keep your one piece in the same place during your swim, making them ideal for long distance exercises. Plunging necklines across sleek one piece swimming costumes stand out in the pool, whilst the figure hugging designs across ruched and lace-up styles provide you with support as you move through the water.

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