When playing sports it is important to protect your eyes. Women's sports glasses are designed to guard eyes from sun damage and feature lenses that are developed to reflect and filter out 99-100% of harmful UVA and UVB light. The lenses of sports glasses for women are made with extra strong shatterproof technology. If hit during sports activities, your women's sports glasses are far less likely to smash in comparison to standard sun glasses. The impact resistant lenses in women's sports glasses also make them durable and practical to wear every day. Functional sports glasses for women offer glasses with stream lined aerodynamic design. Unlike wide brimmed sun glasses, sports sun glasses and their sleeker design are harder to knock and damage. Women's sports glasses are designed to be sturdy and durable but that doesn't mean they're lacking in style, as many sports sun glasses can be found in on trend lightweight frames.

Women's sports glasses, sun glasses fit for play.

Sports glasses for women have frames that are specifically designed to fit securely on your head for high levels of movement whilst playing your favourite sport. Some women's sports glasses also come with straps to securely attach them to your body. In the event of a collision that could affect your nose, sports glasses for women have cushioning on the bridge of the frame to absorb impact and protect your nose. You can now choose from a large selection of women's sports glasses at Zalando.co.uk! All orders are delivered to you absolutely free of charge. Returns can also be made on any item you no longer wish to keep within 100 days, at no extra expense. More information on Zalando's delivery policies and the brands we stock can be gained by calling our free hotline on 0203 059 8139. Women's sports glasses - now at Zalando.co.uk!