Women's Sports Gilets

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For all the cosiness of a padded jacket without the restriction of sleeves, women's body warmers offer the best of both worlds.

Balance comfort and flexibility with women's body warmers

Women's body warmers address a specific need for those who enjoy outdoor activities - how do you enjoy freedom of flexibility without compromising warmth? These sleeveless wonders range from heavily padded gilets to light belted waistcoats featuring a host of practical details. Women's body warmers are ideal for outdoor activities and work well over base layers, t-shirts and long sleeved tops to ensure you stay warm without being restricted.

Make a contemporary choice with women's body warmers

If insulation is your top priority, go for a high-quality women's body warmer in a padded style for a puffer jacket effect. Lightweight women's body warmers with detachable hoods, zips, adjustable belts and hidden pockets are perfect for those looking for multi-functionality as well as versatility. Ladies' body warmers in bold colours and eye-catching prints are a fresh and youthful choice or pick women's body warmers in black, beige and grey for a classic and sophisticated finish.

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