Whether you are protecting your hands from the cold or friction, fingerless sports gloves for women provide comfort and flexibility. In many different sport disciplines your hands need to be protected yet not restricted, women's fingerless sports gloves cover the palm and back of the hand without hindering your dexterity. Some sports such as weight lifting, cycling and rowing call for fingerless sports gloves to create friction; giving the wearer an improved grip on their equipment. Cycling in particular requires fingerless sports clothes to enable the cyclist to have a firm hold on the handle bar whilst simultaneously changing their bike gears easily. Women's fingerless sports gloves are also a great item of apparel for outdoor activities such as paintballing, climbing, abseiling and zip wiring, which all require agile hands.

Women's fingerless sports gloves, flexible and comfortable.

By wearing fingerless sports gloves you can protect your hands from unwanted skin irritation caused by friction, with some designs featuring extra padding to cover the most sensitive parts of your hands. The palm of a fingerless woman's sports glove is padded, making it ideal for skate boarders and roller bladders, who want to shield their hands. Women's fingerless sports gloves also help to keep hands warm. The breathability of the fabrics used for constructing the glove allows ventilation, preventing your hands from over-heating. There is now a wide choice of women's fingerless sports gloves in many different colours and styles available at Zalando.co.uk. Shipping and returns are absolutely free! If you have any questions regarding the products Zalando stock or the delivery guidelines, please call the free and friendly Zalando hotline on 0203 059 8139.