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ASPECT - Helmet - matte black STANDARD MOUTH FLEX CAP 532ml - Sports bottle - lava 300 LGL - Ski goggles - white mat WIDE MOUTH 1900ml - Sports bottle - black MERCURIAL LITE - Shin pads - glacier blue/gamma blue/obsidian/white SQUAD - Ski goggles - whiteout PERSISTAR FIT - Goggles - collegiate royal/white SEAMLESS LEG WARMER 2.0 - Leg warmers - black Football socks - black/white EDDY 600ml - Sports bottle - dragonfruit STANDARD MOUTH 621ml - Sports bottle - lava BIG 40 FM - Ski goggles - orange mat APPROACH MAX - Sports glasses - shiny black/red mir/ignit/transparent WIDE MOUTH 473ml - Sports bottle - mango BLACKROLL - Accessory - schwarz UVEX COMPACT FM - Ski goggles - black/blue E.C.O. YOGA MAT - Fitness / Yoga - spruce WASCHSALON - Wash bag - red lumber jack G.GL 300 - Ski goggles - black FOCUS 100 - Headphones - black REAL MADRID HOME - Football socks - white DOWNHILL 2000 FM - Ski goggles - coal orange mat HLMT 500 VISOR - Helmet - black EKO SUPERLITE - Fitness / Yoga - warmth INSPIRE 300 - Headphones - black SPARTAN SPORT WHR BARO - Digital watch - black BLOCK SET - Fitness / Yoga - black/green/pink EKO LITE - Fitness / Yoga - acai WIDE MOUTH 946ml - Sports bottle - mint X MAT - Fitness / Yoga - black ACADAMY - Football socks - dark blue THERMAL ARM WARMER - Arm warmers - black WIDE MOUTH 946ml - Sports bottle - lemon CHELSEA LONDON STADIUM - Football socks - anthracite/omega blue RUN BELT PLUS - Other - black M430 - Heart rate monitor - weiss AURIC CUT BACKCOUNTRY SPIN - Helmet - hydrogen white WASCHSALON - Wash bag - night blue FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN - Football socks - white/fcbtru/cinder SPORT 750ml - Sports bottle - black WASCHSALON - Wash bag - black TIBIA PLATE PRO - Shin pads - lite fluo yellow/griffin grey/white Football socks - white/black BORUSSIA DORTMUND - Football socks - black cyber yellow JUVENTUS TURIN - Football socks - oliv Football socks - red/white MANCHESTER UNITED - Football socks - black JORDAN SHOOTER SLEEVES - Other - black/white Headphones - white JUVENTUS TURIN AWAY - Football socks - gold SPARTAN ULTRA - Heart rate monitor - anthracite Headphones - black FLOW 946ml - Sports bottle - ion pink/wolf grey INSPIRE 100 - Headphones - black BORUSSIA DORTMUND - Football socks - white/light gray heather MANCHESTER UNITED - Football socks - light grey SOFT 0,7L - Sports bottle - white Sports bottle - anthracite/black/white SPARTAN TRAINER WRIST HR - Digital watch - black SPINE VPD - Protection - black

Through innovation, function and dynamic design, the latest women's sports equipment is inspiring us to embrace the active lifestyle we've always wanted.

Take things up a level with sports equipment for women

Whether it's the thrill-seeking adventure of skiing mountain slopes or the rewarding challenge of a competitive trail-run, the key to giving our best performance lies in the right women's sports equipment. Meticulous research and changing design concepts mean that sports equipment for women is constantly evolving, and this edit ticks all our boxes when it comes to functionality and sleek athletic style. If it's wrong to covet ladies' sport equipment for nothing more than a striking aesthetic, then we hold our hands up. Pops of neon, bold shapes and unexpected prints have us exploring women's sports equipment like never before, and we're loving it.

Enhance your game with women's sports equipment

Activities like cycling, yoga, football, skiing and jogging take on new life with the current offerings and features driving this collection of sports equipment for women. From durable sunglasses with UV protection to light-as-air yoga mats and smart watches with built-in heart rate monitors and calorie counters, this selection of women's sports accessories is an impressive blend of technology and performance-enhancing features. Protect yourself while cycling with an aerodynamically effective helmet, or keep your motivation high through headphones made specifically for running. This season, we'll be investing in general women's sports equipment like water bottles, arm warmers and base layers to top up our essentials for a host of outdoor and gym activities.

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