A firm, fashion favourite due to their relaxed attitude and carefree philosophy, Roxy has perfected the art of understated style and superior, casual designs. Catered to young women who like their fashion cool and casual, Roxy women's trainers are unique, exquisitely trendy and will ensure you look stylish and comfortable wherever you go. Experts in creating original, funky pieces for young women, Roxy excel when it comes to their distinctive, luxury designs. Footwear is generally a great accessory for adding the finishing touch to an overall look or by complimenting an outfit with different colours or prints. Whether its lemon lace-ups you're after or nautical plimsolls, Roxy women's trainers are the epitome of femininity and will give your outfit that something extra special with their original, fun designs.

Roxy women's trainers - trendy, practical and versatile for day-to-day activities

Inspired by the popular, easy-going Roxy philosophy, this sneaker collection features rubber soles and firm grips for day-to-day comfort wherever you are. Super-cute with shorts in summer or skinnies during the colder seasons, Roxy women's trainers also look adorable with dresses or skirts for ultimate, minimalist style. These trainers are designed to a high standard and look immaculate so they can be adapted for any dressy-casual codes at the office. Slip on a pair of printed plimsolls with your formal trousers to give your outfit some personality or try a pair of neutral, canvas trainers with a tailored dress to relax your overall look. Great in summer or winter, Roxy women's trainers will jazz up any outfit and are fun to wear, whether you are spending the day at work or hanging out with your friends. Browse Zalando today and see the exclusive range of Roxy women's trainers available for stylish, young women everywhere.