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When it comes to choosing the right pair of sneakers to inject a little urban edge into your wardbrobe, you'll want them to have strong street credentials. No casual footwear has a more impeccable pedigree than Nike SB women's trainers. Created with the input of skateboarding professionals such as Stefan Janoski and Paul Rodruigez, Nike SB women's trainers give that little bit of extra grip and feel on the board, while also protecting the feet from sudden impacts. All of which makes them a must for female followers of this niche pastime. On top of that, with their sharp, uncluttered profile and simple designs that mean business, Nike SB women's trainers are versatile shoes for many occasions.

Pepping up your looks with Nike SB women's trainers

Unless you actually plan to jump on a skateboard, there's no need to tog yourself out in matching sports gear. With their relaxed, understated vibe, Nike SB women's trainers can go with a wide variety of outfits. They're great for taking the stuffiness out of tailored pieces such blazers and blouses and their clean lines bring a note of simplicity to a layered look. Try a sneaker-and-dress combo with Nike SB women's trainers to help refresh and update some of your favourite frocks and skirts. Whether you're relaxing with friends or making a dash for the shops, wear Nike SB women's trainers for a comfortable, casual and effortless look. Take a browse through the vast selection here at Zalando.