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Dutch label SPM has established a strong reputation amongst devotees of women's style for crafting high fashion footwear that is available to everyday women. They have cast their net widely and well, and SPM women's boots include superb interpretations of most of today's favourite boot styles. From cowboy boots, to ankle wedges, knee length brown leather and biker boots, SPM women's boots cover an enormous amount of ground. Their gorgeous leather boots are universally styled with an attention to detail that women's footwear rarely enjoys. From delicately studded ankle length biker boots to elegantly strapped longer boots, these SPM women's boots are full of imaginative touches.

Fabulous footwear from SPM women's boots

SPM create superbly wearable shoes and boots with an undeniable touch of class. There are deeply toned longer boots that can slip over blue jeans for instant glam, or darker boots that might work as professional attire for dynamic women. For a fun touch why not team a floaty skirt or leggings and longer line top with a pair of cowboy boots. With strong grips, soft leathers and suedes and sturdy soles, SPM women's boots are the perfect outdoor footwear for chilly conditions - and with such a wide range of styles and designs available in the collection there is certainly no need to sacrifice style for comfort.

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