No matter what contact sport you play, make sure you take protective measures and protect your lower legs with a pair of women's shin pads. When you are playing sports like football or rugby studded boots can cause painful injuries or bruises on your leg, which can be avoided by wearing a pair of shin pads for women. Women's shin pads are designed to protect the tibia, which is most at risk to injury as there is little muscle mass surrounding it. This is why in most competitive contact sports matches it is necessary to wear shin guards for women to be permitted to take part in the game. Women's shin pads are made from robust materials like plastic, fiberglass and polyurethane to ensure they provide as much protection as possible. The lightweight materials used to produce ladies shin pads guard the lower leg but without weighing you down and hindering your sports performance.

Women's shin pads - shield your shins!

Women's hockey shin pads are also a great investment to shield the leg from any possible knocks by hockey sticks. A wide range of women's shin pads from respected sports brands are now available at Zalando Sports! After selecting which items you wish to purchase from our large collection of sports equipment, simply place your order and have it delivered to your door without paying any delivery costs. All shipping from Zalando Sports is free! If once you've received an item it doesn't suit your needs, just send it back to us at no extra charge. Further information on the brands we stock and our delivery polices can be gained by calling the helpful Zalando hotline for free on 0203 059 8139. Women's shin pads - now available on Zalando Sports!